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Innaugural Presidential Oath of Office

The Talking Wall


Obama "thing-entity" Seals

Its Doomed Fate


Omen In The Tea Party

Special Messages To The Repub, Conserv, Tea-P Leaderhip

"Then Follow Me NOW" 11/14/2102

A Movement of Love and Peace


The Unnecessary Loss of America  11/01/2012


Either One, We Still Loose America  11/08/2012


SHOCKED II, Oh GOD, Why?   11/08/2102


   Issues of Immigration 10/23/2012


The Plight of GOD In The USA 10/05/2012


"Knock Out"Games Comment

Played by African-American youths


 Black Is On-Line Interview 09/19/2-12


             Muslim After All - Video and Statment 09/18/2-12


     Guest Writer: Robert Oliver
     Who Donated Money to the Obama Campaign and Who did not

* My Views Statement

    Right-License To "GOD-Speak" September 09/2012

* "GOD, In Money We Trust"

  > GOD and Jerusalem September 8,2012




* GOD In The Declaration of Independence July 7,2012

The Admonition and Warning From Abraham Lincoln

 Lincolns Getteysburg Address

What Is Wrong With Black Peoples? parts I & II   August 5,2012

Civil Rights Legacy: Qualifying Factor - I am Purging "Black"
August 7,2012

Republican: The Definitive American Term August

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06/22/2012 - The Exceptional American Experiment & Its' Proposition
07/12/2012 - WARNING: GOD In The Declaration of Independence

07/18/2012 -  Love Will Save Our Beloved America
08/14/2012   The King's Admonition and Warning
08/27/2012      Letter To Agape Trucing Companay
09/07/2012    GOD and Jerusalem Note

09/18/2012    Muslim After All - Video and Statment
09/19/2012     Black Is On-Line Interview
09/21/2012     150th Ann. Emancipation Proclamation
09/23/2012     The "Omama thing" In The White House
10/05/2012    The Plight of GOD
10/11/2012 Knock Out Games Comment

Guest Writers
09/13/2012  Robert Oliver
Who Donated Money to the Obama Campaign and Who did not


            The Woodrow Wilson Press Release  09/30/2012

                               Exposing His Racism

                    Woodrow Wilson Resolution For Wilson High School

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The Other Side of The Pyramid