The   "Ted  Hayes"   Campaign

To Be America's Leading National Black Patriotic Voice


A   F u n d  R a i $ e r   f o r   t e d

Not for elective political office, but rather the leading Black Civil Rights Activist Voice

defending the United States from the illegal immigration invasion against us.


Unlike a political candidate who seeks funding to win votes for elective office, I am asking for your “vote” of confidence in the following terms, that you and yours;





For your consideration, below is a list of campaign items for you to fund.  If there is something particularly interesting that you would like to invest in, please make a note as to where the funds are to be designated.


Among others, my primary organizing efforts are for the historic, unprecedented three day, SB 1070 Civil Rights Showdown event in Phoenix, Arizona scheduled for July 30th, 31st and possibly August 1st.


You will be excited to know that I am working directly with the “hottest” elected official in the nation, the Hon. Senator Russell Pearce author of Arizona SB 1070 Illegal Immigration Law, and his staff on the weekend event.


July 30th, one day after SB 1070 legally becomes effective, there will be a Memorial Vigil for the slain by illegal aliens; July 31st, is Civil Rights Seminar followed by the evening Showdown rally; August 31st, is morning discussion about The Creator GOD of The Declaration of Independence and an afternoon de-briefing and briefing strategy session. Details are to follow.


As you can imagine, such an event can be an arduous task.  My colleagues of National America’s Black Shield (NABS) are thankful to The LORD that we are privileged to be working with some very competent individuals who can properly orchestrate the event.  Shortly, I will reveal these impressive folks to you.


Apart from remaining active with organizing efforts, I am building and maintaining my personal web site www.TedHayes.US.  Sooo non-professional though…(smiles).  Can anybody help.


The Hayes Campaign needs:


It would take a minimum of $2,000 monthly to continue the work on this level.


* Eventually office space rent, equipment and furnishings are essential for effective organizing


Perhaps, someone has some ingenious fundraising ideas that could help.


This work has been, is, and will continue to be an honor, gratifyingly joyful and rewarding in many ways to me.  To GOD, I am thankful.


Again, thank you participating in the Ted Hayes Campaign for the United States of America, especially those of you who have done so before. 


"For This Baby and This Baby Only"


All the best of GOD to you and yours,


Ted Hayes

American Black Patriot Civil Rights Activist


Shalom in Jerusalem – Blessed Bethlehem


Non-Tax deductible

Make Checks To:

Ted Hayes, Jr.

PO Box 363

Venice, California, 90294