The American Resolution In Black

Promissory Note



The 1866 Congressional Civil Rights Act

For US Emancipated Citizens




As American Black Legitimate US American Citizens We Expect That Everyone Within or Contemplating Entering Into the United States of America Respect and Fulfill The Constitutional, Congressional Promissory Note

Whereas, the present, massive invasion and colonization, commonly known as illegal “immigration” or even legitimate “immigration” into the United State of America by citizens of foreign nations, most particularly from Hispanic/Latino, i.e., Mexico and Mesoamerica, is the greatest threat to US Black citizens since chattel slavery of the Transatlantic Slave Trade from the early 16th Century to 1808.

  • However, be it known, that the Transatlantic Slave Trade continued "under-ground" even until the end of the US Civil War in 1865...a total of 46 years hence.

Whereas, the threat to American Black U S citizens, i.e. Emancipated Slaves, is subsequently the gravest danger to US national security and identity since the Civil War itself;

Whereas, according to the US Constitutionally codified 1866 Congressional Civil Rights  Act, commonly known as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Promissory Note consisting of the Fourteenth, which made the Emancipated Slaves citizens; and Fifteenth Amendments, which empowered them with the vote;  was/is proceeded by the Thirteenth,  ending slavery except in prison;

Whereas, the greatest threat to American Black US citizens posed by the presence of citizens from foreign nations illegally within the borders of the USA, has manifested in the following frightening forms being:

  •  loss of adequate and affordable housing;
  •  loss of space in institutional educational facilities ranging from kindergarten, primary or elementary, middle, Jr. & Sr. high school, and to those of higher learning  such as colleges and universities from either illegal alien students or the children of such,
  • commonly known as "Anchor-babies", or presumed and/or illicit citizens;
  •  loss of safety, in that Black school students are subjected to intimidating attitudes, words and violent attacks;
  • loss of health and emergency care at local hospitals and community free clinics;
  •  loss of “cost of living” wages and gainful employment;
  •  loss of respect and safety as pedestrians or patrons of public transportation;
  •  loss of safety on the automobile roads, freeways and highways;
  •  loss of political and civic privileges by Hispanic/Latino - Mexican or Mesoamericans who are US government officials resentful of American Black US citizens doing their loyal and patriotic duty to resisting and oppose the massive illegal “immigration” invasion.

Whereas, it is troubling and saddening to experience such great losses in physical, geo-physical, intellectual, economic, and political-civic entitlements that are due to every legitimate US citizen, the most disheartening, tragic and devastating loss to American Black US citizens as a result of the invasion, is their legacies of enslavement, national birth and Civil Rights heritages;

  • Be it known, that Hispanic/Latino organizational entities and movements, such as La Raza are stealthily stealing the benefits of the Civil Rights Legacy from the Emancipated Slaves and their succeeding generations by attempting to re-invent themselves into an entitlement, neo-Brown-Bronze" racial minority - majority.

Whereas, though legitimate citizens of the United States of America according the special US Constitutionally ordered Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment of the Promissory Note of the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 (born out of the original Civil Rights of the same the year led by Republicans in the US House of Representatives), unlike other Americans who are the descendants of immigrants (willingly in the USA), Black people are rather descendants of slaves (unwillingly in the USA and victims of several national and religious entities);

Whereas, as slaves in these United States of America (even from its very early years), Black peoples, an integral and binding part of building the foundations of this great nation by their “free labor”, afforded the founding fathers (most of whom were slave owners), the leisure and luxury of time to conceive, develop and implement their ideals of freedom, liberty and democracy; hence without Blacks there would not be a United States of America;

Whereas, it is the presence, sufferings, and achievements of American Black people that immigrants (illegal or legal) rush into the United States, not merely for gainful work-employment and careers, but rather…

  • for the freedom from enslavement;

  • to be recipients of the policies and practices of equality;

  • to experience just and civil treatment by government and citizens of the same;

Therefore, as Black legitimate US citizens, the descendants of West African Americanized slaves, and the children of those who suffered through and overcame legislated racism in America, are calling for the following:

  • demanding and expecting "equal protection under the law" by the US federal and local governments and its citizens thereof from those of foreign countries illegally within the the United States;

  • calling on all US citizens, especially recent immigrants to respect, appreciate and preserve the sacred contribution of Blacks who made their well being in this land of liberty possible by denying amnesty to illegal aliens, and doing everything possible to stop the destruction of Black US citizens caused by illegal “immigration” invasion, and to seek the fulfillment of the Promissory Note;

Provided these actions are diligently taken, the New Nation under GOD spoken of by the late US President, Abraham Lincoln will indeed have a new birth of freedom.  That government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Finally, Black US citizens demand and expect that all responsible authorities of governments (federal, state, county, municipal) fulfill and obey the tenants of the Promissory Note before even considering another amnesty to illegal aliens -“immigrants”, a “comprehensive” immigration reform policy and laws, it must first cease and desist educational, housing, medical/psychological, economic benefits and assistance to citizens of foreign nations illegally within the United States of America.

  • Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment of the 1866 Promissory Note demands by Constitution edict that every US government official (federal, state, county, municipal) is to defend and protect the US Constitutionally specially ordered citizenship of West African Black Americanized chattel slaves and their children, who are the only ethno-racial entity in America with such special distinction.
  • Any governmental official who rebels against the Constitutionally ordered citizenship is to face charges of treason subject to substantial prosecution.

Now let it be resolved that “We the People of the United States” as Patriotic citizens will continue to wage the American Dream campaign to finish the great work and task begun by our Founding Fathers, continued but not completed by the Republicans, Lincoln and the Boys of the Civil War to this 14th day of October in the year of 2010 and beyond to completion.

WARNING:  Should "We the People of the United States" fail or falters to fulfill this Constitutional and Declaration of Independence Covenant with GOD who created all men equal endowing them with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, America as we Dream will be doomed into a global nightmare.