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"HE has favored our undertaking"

But Does HE Still?

"Now is the Time" transcend...

 political, religious, class status, ethnic, and racial differences...

in order to save humanity from total destruction"


racial differences in order to save humThe White Flag of Global Truce


          Christmas, WWI 1914

100 Years Later...

           "If they could then, we can NOW"

The Human Bubble Intiative

The Doomed Ship of Society


"Then Follow Me NOW"

The Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street


Are The Same


Black Peoples and the Tea Party Movement

Is there a connection?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform
A Just, Fair and Balanced Consideration
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        The Conjoined American

Twin Sickenesses

The Meaning

Clinic Workshop
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Civil Rights Act of 1866


The Docu-movie

Emanncipation, Revelation, Revolution

"Whites", not "Blacks", Own

The Civil Rights Legacy



The Greatest Amendments

The Emancipation Proclamation

The Declaration of Independence

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 The CHNC and Santa Monica Tea Party


April 4th MLK Memorial Candlelight Vigil



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"Don't Pull the Trigger, Until..."


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