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United States Republic of America

The Institution of Government Supervision
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"It is our government.  Not theirs.  They are accountable to us, We the People. 
They govern by our consent, therefore, as their supervisors, mastors, owners, we are responsible and accountable to make the governors accountable."

"Like never before in US history, now is the strike, for the first time, an institutional balance between the We the People and the US Government"

"We already have the power in the forms of technologies, material resouces, talents, gifts, specialties,  and most 
All we need is the vision, attitude, and inspired will.  I provide that."

"Together, we can make it happen by the Power and Grace of GOD"  T.H.
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"HE has favored our undertaking"

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A Just, Fair and Balanced Consideration

Learn About Resolutions To The Massive
Illegal Immigration Invasion-Occupation of USA

 The Greatest, Racist Attack Against The Matters of Black Lives"
Since Chattel Slavery
and Jim Crowism

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"Don't Pull the Trigger, Until..."


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"Now is the Time" transcend...

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in order to save humanity from total destruction"
The White Flag of Global Truce

 Christmas, WWI 1914

101 Years Later...

"If they could then, we can NOW"