Tuesday, May 31,2006

The Hon. Paul Brathwaite,
Ex/Dir US Congressional Black Caucus,
US Congress, Capitol Hill,
Washington, DC.

Re:  Racially Offending Latino-Mesoamerican Congressional Colleagues

Mr. Brathwaite,

In my discussions with the Hon. Diane Watson, Cynthia McKinney, and their aides; a brief encounter with Herald Ford and phone discussions with yourself, I conclude your sentiments to be one of not quite knowing what to do about the fast moving massive Mesoamerican (Mexican and Central American) illegal immigration invasion and colonization of our nation. 

I gather from our discussions that you are deeply concerned about the numbers of illegal aliens within our shore that attracting the political favor that that American Black US citizens once had with the two major political powers, especially that of the Democratic. 

Who Us?  Racist Towards Latino-Mesoamerican?
I also understand that you perhaps would collectively as the US Congressional Black Caucus embrace a plan to address illegal immigration, it would demonstrate that you/we are not racist against nor insensitive towards your Latino colleagues in Congress.

The later concern of racism towards Latino-Mesoamericans will be prove easy to do way-lay, because we emphatically are not, especially based on the definitions of the word, nor can we because Black is the absorption of all colors and all peoples are our children. 

Black peoples being racist, is an oxymoron!  We historically are not racist nor should we allow anyone else to intimidate us into powerlessness by accusing us of such, especially people with straight hair and Caucasian physical features. 

Remember, racism, relatively new in human history, has its beginnings with White or light colored skin with certain Nordic features and primarily straight haired Caucasian Europeans identifying us darker, so-called Negroid Africans (as they labeled Black peoples) with kinky or nappy hair as inferior to themselves based mainly on those physical appearances, etc.

How can someone of a darker hue and kinky hair etc. as I, be racist towards Mesoamericans with lighter skin and straight hair or anyone else, especially of European mixture…as is the Mesoamericans (Mexican and Central American)?

Also, racism is generally when someone of European type features who have economic, social, political power and sway over darker, nappy or kinky haired peoples.

We American Black peoples have never held such power over Mesoamericans.

The Switching Game
Remember, the Mesoamericans who we fear to offend have generally considered themselves to be White, and switch their identities to Non-White in the census when they realized being a minority with American Black citizens in the United States afforded them access to the Civil Rights advancements won by our fore parents’ life and death struggles.

Interestingly, during the Jim Crow – Black Codes of racial segregation era in the United States, Mesoamericans-Latinos were exempted from them such rules as “No Colored Allowed” or “For Whites Only”, etc.  Yet, straight haired light colored European looking Latinos of all sectors had access to everything that Whites enjoined, while our Black selves were left out.

While our ancestors were chattel slaves, they never once raised a hand to deliver us from their White cousins north of the Rio Grande.  In fact, many of our ancestors were made slave by theirs throughout Mesoamerica and South America.  Actually, there are more Blacks in Central and South America than in the United States.  How did they get there?!?

In fact, when President Lincoln and his successor President Johnson thought to send US Black freed slaves to Mexico, the government threatened to slaughter our ancestors if they came.

Mesoamericans Were Not There:  Do You Remember?
I remember seeing Whites US citizens in the persons of Askenazi Jews, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians and others marching, demonstrating, going to jail, and beaten by police officers along with our parents, not Mesoamericans. 

I remember, our parents’ children being hosed down to the grown with stream of powerful water hoses of government fire fighters and being attacked government police dogs, but not no Mesoamericans.

I remember some of them White folks even dying for and with us.  Not no Mesoamericans though!

When it comes to utilizing race against Whites as tool to argue dissatisfaction, Mesoamericans, particularly Mexicans very seldom used the word racism.

That word was intrinsically utilized and rightly so by American Blacks and even Whites identified such biased and prejudice against our peoples as racist. 

The New Word: Who Taught Mesoamericans This Race Card Thing
I have come to understand that the use of this word is a new phenomenon by Mexican activists, especially since this illegal immigration invasion has taken root.  It is clear now that anyone, White or even Black like me with obvious kinky and nappy hair and so-called Negroid African features who disagrees with them is considered racist.  This sounds like the race card playing antics of you-know-who.

By the way, the word Negro is Spanish for Black having its roots in Latin which calls the land of our fore fathers Africa.  That’s not what they called their native countries it…Hmmmmm!  Aren’t the Spanish and Portuguese originally White Europeans?!? 

With the aide of certain Muslims and Black leaders of the Western portion of the continent the Spaniards and Portuguese introduced the market in Black flesh to other European White peoples and that with blessing of their Roman Catholic Popes?!?

“You Black Niggers!”
Another Latin root or Spanish word is Niger – “Nigger”.  Recently, in two incidents, I was the object first hand of verbal racial attacks unlike anything that I personally experienced from White folks during the Jim Crow days in Maryland.

One was at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles where of a group of about forty (forty) Mesoamerican Latinos screamed racist remarks at me and four of my colleagues, with words like “Go back to Africa, you monkeys”, “This is our country.  Get out!” etc.

The other was during our May 21st,2006 Civil Right March in downtown Los Angeles.  As we walked up Broadway to our rally at City Hall and return down the same street, we were met by thousands of light skinned, straight haired, Caucasian featured Latino-Mesoamericans shouting and calling the American Whites citizens participating in the march racist, red-necks, honkies, and the like. 

However, I and the other Black US citizens were called racist, and even, Nigger, black Nigger, house nigger, “Go back to Africa and Babylon you Black Niggers”, black Motherf—k—r, even threats of “We will cut your M-Fing  throats.” etc.

Communist Driven Invasion
It is interesting that for a people who say that they want to be an integral part of the United States of America, they were not only rude to American citizens exercising our US Constitutional and Civil Rights, but this group was flying various sorts of communist flags. 

In fact, not only was there not an American flag among them, but there was not even a United Mexican States flag among them either.

It is my opinion that the vast majority of the Compañeros who are fleeing from the cultures of corruption in Mesoamerica illegally into the United States are being manipulated unwittingly by this communist element as a phalanx against our nation.

Marching For Civil Rights Again
Furthermore, while we had all the street and City Hall permits for our event, but LA City Council Member, the Hon. Ed Reyes, a Mexican, disallowed us access to the electrical outlet, thereby denying me, a Black man my/our Civil and Constitutional Right, even violating the First and Fourteenth Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866 – the Promissory Note. 

On May 21st, we US citizens of all colors were marching in the streets of America for our Civil and Constitutional Rights.  Soon we will send you photos.

Mind you, I am a descendent of the very people who afforded him and his parents fleeing the injustices of Mesoamerica to come here enjoy that which we wrought.  See attachment correspondence – Reyes Correspondence

What American Black People, They Don’t See Any
Also, during his cession speech at the great and revealing March 25,.2006 mass march in downtown Los Angeles, Mexican Mayor, the Hon. Antonia Villariagosa arrogantly and erroneously proclaimed without challenge to this day from African American leaders, that the these United States is built on the backs of immigrants – wink, wink… illegal aliens.

He and they absolutely had no regard, respect nor sensitivity to the descendents of West African Black American chattel slaves who labored for nothing and was inhumanely treated, and their children who won the Civil Rights they seek to steal as their own.  Now…who are the racists?

In all of my literature, the Crispus Attucks Brigade and the “New” Buffalo Soldiers, or that of the Minute Man Project of Jim Gilchrist, nor of Save Our State, you will not find no such language of insinuations of racism towards our Latino-Mesoamerican Indio Brethren.

La Raza, La Raza, La Raza:  Don’t We Get It Yet?
What about the National La Raza Organization.  La Raza means to them, ‘For their race, and their only.  To the others nothing’

Brown-Black coalition?  How can there be such a coalition when Latinos have the La Raza mindset?  And we are concerned about their feelings!

The use of the word “racism” against anyone who dares to have differing opinions from their own concerning illegal immigration is simply a rouse, because they know in their hearts that they are wrong about it.  “Me thinks that you protests to much!”

It is like a man who is loosing a fair fist fight suddenly grabs a hand full of dirt and throws it into the eyes of his winning opponent. 

The dirt in his opponents eyes diverts his attention away from “kick-ass” to spending precious time clearing his eyes from the pain of the dirt.  Now that’s’ dirty!

Please, don’t allow your Latino-Mesoamerican colleagues in Congress bamboozle you out of our inheritance and heritage.

Thank you for your time, consideration and cooperation.
Ted Hayes
Ted Hayes
Chair, CAB

CC: The Hon. Diane Watson; Cynthia McKinney; Harold Ford; and my colleagues; etc;


F L A S H/ Bulletin –
ATTENTION:  Media/Press
For Immediate Release: Tonight, Wednesday, May 17,2006
Accuses Los Angeles City Council Member Ed Reyes of
Racism, Bigotry and Political Bias Against Blacks and US Citizens

Judicial Watch Based In Washington DC,
Is Investigating Possible Law Suite Against the City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles, with Mayoral Support Host Illegal Immigrants At South Lawn City Hall on March 25th, yet denies American Black US Citizens Equal Access to Electical Outlet for Sound System At Civil Rights Rally at same location.

WH: News Conference To Explain The Hypocrisy
WH: Today, Thursday, May 18,2006 @ 4:30 PM
WH: Dome Village - 847 Golden Avenue, Los Angeles, 90017
WH:  Ted Hayes, Chair of CAB and Homeless Dome Village Residents

I have asked the Honorable, Ed Reyes to sponsor or permit the City Hall workers to turn on the electrical outlets for our Civil Rights Rally on the South Lawn of Los Angeles City Hall this coming Sunday, May 21st, but the Council in true form or racial resentment and political prejudice has denied us.

The Hon. Mr. Reyes, is violating my US Constitutional and Civil Rights mainly the First and Fourteenth Amendments in which he as a government official is to administer his oath of office without prejudice or malice.

How ironic, that I have been accused of racism towards Mexicans and is attempting to start a race war between Brown and Blacks by La Raza leaders and those of the massive illegal immigration invasion of this sovereign nation by primarily Latino-Mesoamerican (Mexican and Central American) peoples fleeing the abuses of their homeland to become slaves and third class workers in the USA.

Clearly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet, here is an elected official within these United States violating his sacred oath of office to defend all citizens under the US Constitution equally and without malice.

Yet, here I am, a born in the US American citizen, California Citizen, and resident in the Council District of Mr.Reyes and a minority as well... Black at that.

Interestingly, the Hon. Councilmember is Latino-Mesoamerican and I am an American Black and child of the fathers of the very Civil Rights that illegals are attempting to highjack away from us, that is immorally using those rights as a "key" to cross the border of a sovereign nation illegally.

Now who is the racist?!?  What does Los Angeles and Latinos-Mesoamericans for illegal immigration, La Raza, the March 25 Coalition, etc. and the Media/Press think of this?!?

Somebody owes me and the 270,000,000 US American Citizens and their ancestors who fought and died for the Civil Freedoms that Mr. Reyes so blatantly mocks. 

Thank you for time and interest.

Below is the correspondence and a detailed explanation of Reyes' racism towards me.

Ted Hayes

Ted Hayes


Hello Honorable Council Member Reyes,...Shalom in Jerusalem,

Your Honor, on last Tuesday, May 9th, 2006, while I was in Washington DC on pressing business about the the security of our beloved nation, the United States of America, one of my co-workers contacted your office requesting the protocol permission from you to allow us access to electricity for a Civil Rights Rally on the South Lawn of Los Angeles City Hall, scheduled for this Sunday, May 21st from the the hours of 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Apparently, you responded the assistant on Wednesday, May 10th with answer of..."No!"

( * When I say, "You", apparently my assistant spoke with Jose Gardea, your chief deputy, representing you.)

When asked by my assistant who contacted you by telephone,..."Why?".  You resonded with words of like manner..."We don't support that rally!"

My assistant then asked..."Why?"  You responded with words of like manner..."I am not going to argue with you.  The answer is still...No"

Your honor, would you please state you answer of "No" in writing and your reasons as to why your answer is no?

Thank you very much for your time, consideration and cooperation.

You may send your reply to me by e-mail at the following - Thetedshow@aol.com or Tedhayes@domevillage.org or you can fax to 213-892-9068

I will await for your WRITTEN response until 4:30 PM, tomorrow, Thursday, May 18th, 2006.

I hope and pray that you will do the RIGHT THING. May GOD Bless you,

Sincerely for good common sense and understanding,

Ted Hayes
Chair, Crispus Attucks Brigade


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