(Lynching PR 2 Demonstration)


ATTENTION: Media/Press

Thursday, February 19,2009 – Contact Terrance: 310-722-1202


Anti - “Lynching” of Blacks Demonstration and Protest

Hanging of Blacks In Effigy From City Hall Tree


Los Angeles Is Rebel Jim Crow City

The Lynching of Blacks or Ethno-Racial Cleansing

Via Illegal Immigration Un-Constitutional Sanctuary City Policies

Grand Theft of Blacks Birth and National Identity Rights


What:  Men in black clothing, calling themselves the Last Civil Rights Activist are staging a highly sensitive and perhaps controversial demonstration by dramatizing the hanging of an effigy of a Black man, symbolizing the deadly mistreatment of American Black US citizens by Mayor Antonio Villariagosa and the Los Angeles policies and practices of “Sanctuary City” for illegal immigration.


Purpose:  To make Angelinos, the nation and the world aware of the practice of Ethno-Racial Cleansing of American Black US citizen Angelinos through the policies and practices of “sanctuary city” orchestrated by racist, La Raza Mayor Antonio Villariagosa and the City Council.


With the frightening acquiescence of elected and non elected officials including so-called African American Civil Right leaders, Ethno-racial Cleansing is government sanctioned removal of Blacks from the bounties of Los Angeles and of the United States of America in deference for illegal immigrants who are of Hispanic/Latino descent primarily from *Mexico and Central America.

Objective: This demonstration will highlight the “lynching” of Blacks via illegal immigration as a direct affront, assault on and abridgment of our Constitutional based Civil Rights, particularly the 14th Amendment – Section 1.


Increasingly, Blacks are suffering the loss of gainful-employment, housing, healthcare, education, welfare, freedom of movement and speech, access to government to redress grievances, as well as deliberate, race motivated, physical attacks and murder by Hispanic/Latino gangsters with approval of government leaders. Such treatment of Blacks by Los Angeles is reminesceint of Americas’ racist antics of Jim Crow cities pre-1964 Civil Rights Act. 


The rebellion against the US Constitution – the 14th Amendment Section 1 by the mayor and his cohorts is a reminder of historical racist figures such Democrats George Wallace, Bull Conners, Lestor Maddox et al, US Senators Robert Byrd, et al people and entities determined to deny the Blacks our full citizenship “…as is enjoyed by White citizens…”


The most alarming attack upon Blacks is the very theft of our National Birth and Identity Rights via the deliberate illicit use – twisting of the 14th Amendment, Section 1 to support the dangerous policy and custom of Anchor-Security to children born to illegal immigrant mothers within the United States.


This behavior by certain government officials such as Mayor Villariagosa must stop now. We are calling on the Hon. President Barack Hussein Obama, and US Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately investigate and stop the violation the Civil Rights of Blacks US citizens and to put an end this Jim Crow practice of Ethno-Racial Cleansing. 


Location: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Main Street east side facing west front entrance.


Date:  Wednesday, February 25,2009

Time: 8:00 AM


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