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Renewal of The 1866 Civil Rights Act

As originally Intended

Hey Patriot Folks,

Please Contact Your Legislators

After studying the King DREAM ACT, please note attached draft letter to legislators, then contact them with this information requesting that they author a bill as such.  Follow links http://tedhayes.us/MLK_Dream_ACT_Letter_To_Legislators.html 

Next, contact me with their names and information that I can send them the letter directly. 

Afterwards, please cultivate and shepherd the bill proposal and the bill itself when it is finally written into action along with the help of your family, friends and associates,


Where Are The Blacks?

For years it has been said by Patriots battling the illegal alien, civilian invasion of the United States of America, that while all US citizens are severely injured by it, Blacks, that is, American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees, are negatively effected the most.

Such is an obvious target of the invading forces, because of all the ethno-racial-nationalities, Blacks are the weakness being only 11-13% of the general US population, yet they disproportionately and too often, numerically lead in nearly every negative social statistic in the nation.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”

It is only natural that immigrant descendants, including those of illegal aliens will fair better in the American Dream quest than the West African slave descendants which is primarily due to the very different ways by which the two people groups entered into the jurisdiction of the United States…one being willing immigrants, while the other as unwilling slaves.

Let it not be forgotten, that it has been only 45 years that the emancipated-freed West African US citizens have been liberated from 99 years of racially discriminating legislation and 235 more of chattel slavery before that, both horrific experiences having generational consequences yet to be manifested.  In other words, of the 390 years of their existence in the northern continental America, the descendants of the slaves have been from free from government sanctioned enslavement and racism a mere 45 years. 

Not A “Pity Party” For Blacks, But Just The Real Facts

This not “sing the blues” – “pity party”, but rather factual reality.  Apart from GOD given miracles, who could do well under such circumstances?  It is a divine wonder that the Emancipated Slaves have done as well as they have!  Yet, not good enough to protect the nation from invasion!

Such understanding putts into perspective as to why the socialist driven invading and occupation forces of illegal aliens, Obama and militant Muslims have targeted the Legacies and Heritage of the Emancipated Slaves.

Their weakness and abandonment by their own so-called African American leaders, both politically liberal and conservatives have left them the as the national “wound” by which the invading socialist predators are attacking the nation.  As the legendary urban modern proverb goes, “If Black (leaders) don’t care about Black people, why should anybody else?”

The Answer

Therefore, when asked by Patriots who are fighting the invasion, “Where are the Blacks?” I am here to say, “Here we are!”, but will you listen to our plans and strategies?

If we Patriots are waiting for thousand of Blacks to simply one day get “religion” or “see the light” and stand up with us against illegal immigration to “take our country back”, without the Patriots implement a proposed plan of action from somebody Black, it is not going to happen.

Therefore, please I ask of you to study the answer that I have been trumpeting for some time now, and if it resonates with you, support me and the participants of America’s Black Shield to apply it.

Please, for the sake of our New Nation, as Abraham Lincolns calls us, support and promote the Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM ACT not only as a deterrent to all aspects of illegal immigration, but also to complete the unfinished business of the Constitutional empowered Civil Rights Acts as originally intended for the West African Emancipated Slaves and the descendants.

Had our New Nation, in partnership with the Freedmen fulfilled our Constitutional duties mandated by 14th Amendment and its progenitor, the 1866 Civil Rights ACT, the illegal alien invasion could not have succeeded thus far, nor would there be a Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, or a militant, Islamic/Muslim incursion, all of which are utilizing the psychological terror “weapons” of skin-color, race, and Civil Rights.  Link to Tri-Point Invasion http://tedhayes.us/Tea_Party_OPEN_LetterI_Blacks_and_TPCCon.htm

Contact Your Legislators

After studying the King DREAM ACT, please note attach draft letter to legislators, then contact them with this information requesting that they author a bill as such.  Next, contact me with their names and information that I can send them letter directly.  Afterwards, please cultivate and shepherd it into action along with your family, friends and associates.

You may reach me at 424-222-6010 or email Ted@TedHayes.US

Thank you for your support, 

Ted Hayes

Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem

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