"What Have We Gone and Done?"

"Get Back Blacks...

Don't Get It Twisted"

"Though I am the First African-American 'Black' US President, I am not going to do anything special to help African Americans.

 However, I will be the greatest activist for Hispanic/Latinos illegal aliens ever. I promise."

"Nigga Done Stole Our Legacy

and Given It To 'Dem Illegals"

Yo! Hold Up, Ms. Waters, Congressional Black Caucus and Everybody Else Crying The Blues

 Obama Never Promised Special Help For Blacks

And We Knew It From The Beginning, Because He Told Us So


Hold up Black People, while you are jumping on and condemning Obama for not giving you jobs, etc.


Why are African-Americans (A-A’s) mad at Obama for not doing anything “special” for black peoples, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves-Jim Crow survivors,  especialliy giving us jobs, etc? 


He never promised to help us, but rather plainly said on numerous occasion before and after his election, that as the First African-America “black” President, he would not treat us special (even according to the explicit edicts of the 1866 Civil Rights Act-14th Amendment), but rather as his Presidency would cause the “waters” to rise, the “boats” of Blacks would go up with everyone else’s.


However, he did promise Hispanic/Latino, illegal aliens that he would be their greatest activist ever, and he is proving it.  (Ha-ha-ha-haaaa.  Do we hear laughter?)


Blacks Bamboozled Again

We so called black people need not be mad at Obama and the Democrats, but rather angry with ourselves, our leadership and own bamboozling, self-deception, simpley because we wanted a US President that "looks" like us, by which we defied Rev. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s admonishment of judging not by skin color, but rather, "content of character."


It is time that the African American intelligentsia admit that the elite club is confused and don’t know, nor ever have known what do about the horrific plight of blacks, which is why they have consistently made the proverbial White man the villain.


Sad as it may be in reality, it is somewhat funny to behold these same Obama lovers now hating him.


Their hatred stems from the fact they criticized the man for something he legitimately has not done wrong, but rather the keeping his significantly telling promise.


Obama, did not offend the black community.  The black community offended itself. 

It is a surprise to me that I would find myself actually defending Obama, but the point is poignantly true, in that in disobeying the admonishment of Dr. King, we have goten just what we deserve.


As it has become more apparent as to who this man is and is not, folks such Cornell West, Tavis Smiley and Maxine Waters are trying to make their way back from their great mistake in 2008 of leading, beleaguered, sick, crazed, hopeless blacks to embrace the imposter son of the slaves to become the so called, "first African American President."


Now, certain in the African American intelligentsia are turning on their black, to "God-anointed" for good, prince-messiah for not helping black people, especially in this horrible economic era.


In fairness to Obama, the man never once promised to do anything special for black folks as US citizens.


He Faithfully Warned Us Black Many Times

On numerous occasions before and after the 2008 election, while promising everything for the illegal aliens who also, like everyone else in the world are stealing Blacks Civil Rights benefits to the chattel slave descendants, Mr. Obama repeatedly has said, that though he may be the first African American US President, they were not going to get anything special from them.


Just as he said that as President, he would fundamentally change America and has kept his promise, the same is true of him proclaiming a non-willingness to do anything special for African Americans, despite their 99% support of him to be elected.


He never lied to black peoples on this matter!  He did not overtly make himself the first African American “black” US President.  Obama did not make himself a pseudo son of the slaves!  We black people stupidly did that after "white citizens" voters of Iowa and New Hampshire eased our skepticism of the him by telling us that he was/is "black enough" for us.


Black Enough?  He Ain’t Even Black!

Remember, prior to the big endorsement that he initially received from the Iowa Caucus and later the New Hampshire Primary, Blacks were skeptical, including the African American leaders-intelligentsia questioning his “Blackness” asking, “Is he Black enough”, whatever that is supposed to mean.


In fact, when he was in the Illinois legislature, he was such a stranger to his African-American colleagues there that they referred to the Kenyan with the funny Islamic name, son of a White woman, as “The African down the hall”!


It is clear, that the first African American “black” President moniker, was actually foisted upon him by Blacks, he did not initiate the deliberate self-deception.


Though Obama did not initiate the title, he and the Democrat strategist no doubt were prepared and thrilled to take the coronation from the blacks knowing their sick gullibility.


Remember, Blacks via the Congressional Black Caucus named Bill Clinton the “First African-American” President, first, before there ever was a brown skinned, therefore black Obama on the scene.


Not only did the African-American intelligentsia stand him upon the shoulders of the Civil Rights legacy heroes, but they even made the son of Muslims equal to, if not greater than Martin Luther King, Jr., thereby illicitly inheriting his mantle.


The KKK Connection

Essentially, honest research reveals that the First African-American “Black” President is actually a White man with a genetic tan, and as leader of the Democratic Party, which is that of chattel slavery and Jim Crowism, making this POTUS, the greatest Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, covered in a Teflon, brown skin sheet and hood.  What can you expect?


So for all these African-American leaders now attacking him for not helping us, are frankly wrong, because Obama never promised Blacks anything, but rather have chided and rebuked us.


However, to the chagrin of the complainers, he did promise Hispanic-Latino illegal aliens amnesty and low and behold, he is working extremely hard to fulfill it.


That is another discussion that we shall have later!