The Story of Ted Hayes, Jr.

(Homeless, Youth & Civil Rights Activist)


Son of the Buffalo Soldier

On the early morning of March 9th, 1951, in Columbus Georgia, a little, Black, eleven lbs baby boy was born.  Theodore Hayes, JR,. “Ted” as he is known, was one of six children, five boys and one girl.  His father was a “Buffalo Solder” (segregated US Army Black Buffalo Division) in WWII and the Korean Conflict, both in which his blood was shed for America’s interest.  The Hayes family’s “household “atmosphere of spiritually, a strong sense of justice, fairness and social consciousness, is what sowed and nourished the “seeds” of Ted’s earnest passion for well being for his fellow human beings.


Ted’s formative years (12 to 17) were significantly affected and framed by his active participation in the Boys Scouts of America.  Through his early adolescence and high school years he demonstrated his growing talents in motivating others to participate in just causes. Continuing in the tradition of spirituality in the Hayes family, he even served as a Christian minister, albeit with a “radical socio-politico mentality.  As one would guess, this mixture proved to be highly controversial.


In December of 1972, Ted married Mary Arlene Sensineg.  They are the parents of four children and two grand daughters.


After many years of informal study in Judaic/Christian Scripture, various philosophies, religions, history, (particularly that of his Black ancient ancestors), it was the plight of the homeless, that ignited those “seeds” that gave rise to his ambitious and passionate activism against homelessness and youth crisis., etc. The dramatic incident that ignited Ted’s activism was a Tent City demonstration set up by local activists in Los Angeles during the winter holiday season of 1984 .



Ted’s sudden and unexpected visibility through the news media gave momentum to the homeless cause in Los Angeles by shocking Government authorities and moving them to take various actions to relieve homelessness.  Determined to maintain social pressure and to call for solutions to homelessness, he organized a shanty town of homeless people into a vibrant, visionary, self-empowering community called Justiceville. 


Justiceville, the only community of it’s kind in the United States, was ordered closed and bulldozed by government officials in an effort to quell any other similar status quo ideas.  However, this misguided deed simply propelled Ted further into highly media publicized demonstrations and Acts of Civil Disobedience which added more to his visibility and strength to the Justiceville movement.  The early actions of Justiceville were immortalized in an award winning documentary produced and directed by Mr. Gary Glaser, entitled Justiceville.


The World Renown Dome Village For The Homeless         

From this evolved The Dome Village community, as it was known.  Located in down town Los Angeles, the Dome Village contained a comprehensive plan designed to “break the cycle” of homelessness, called the Exodus, Genesis, Incentive, Initiative Plan (EGIIP)  Thus far unchallenged, Ted claims that EGIIP is the only approach to eradicating homelessness in America.  The Dome Village, which is a prototypical model of what can be done, was officially opened in November of 1993 with a $250,000 grant from ARCO. This unique community comprised of 20 Omni-sphere domes received worldwide acclaim for its innovative concept and proposal for dealing with global homelessness.


As well as attracting attention nationally and internationally, Ted and the Dome Village received visits from HRH Prince Edward of England, the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum as well as government and business dignitaries from various parts of the world. 

In February 1998 Ted Hayes delivered to the White House his proposal for the creation of a National Homeless Plan to eradicate homelessness in the next ten years. Since then it has been his cause celebre.  In October of 1998 the City Council of Los Angeles and in January of 1999 the County passed resolutions in support of Ted’s plan.


Ted was able to enlist the support of several law enforcement entities for a basic “blue-print” or “road-map” or “prescription” to jump starting the end of homelessness called the JOINT STATEMENT and ACTION  PLAN of the Law Enforcement Working Group.  Please visit www.DomeVillage.org and see A Plan To End Homelessness


In November of 2007, the Dome Village closed due to political obstacles that Ted and his staff and supporters could not overcome.


Nevertheless, the United Stated Housing and Urban Development Department which was the primary financial benefactor has all the information at its disposal should it want to utilize the concept in the present homelessness crisis.


The Cricket Venture

In the spring and summer of ’95, with the assistance of British and commonwealth ex-patriots, Ted co created a Cricket team comprised of homeless men from the Dome Village...the first of it’s kind in the world. The “LA Krickets”, as they were known, toured England in September of 1995.  This highly unusual team of Cricket players garnered so much publicity that many Hollywood Studios bided for the movie rights. 


Since then he has reached out to the youth of Compton California and created the first and only American “born” youth cricket team called the “Compton Homies and the Popz”, which also traveled to England on a successful Cricket playing tour in May of ’97. 


In September of 1999 The Homies & the POPz traveled to Europe again. Sponsored by Maxim Magazine, this time incorporating Northern Ireland into their schedule.   A memorable moment of the trip was when Ted and his team presented Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams with a cricket bat and ball as a gesture of peace.


The Homies and the Popz have become one if the most famous cricket teams in the world, with media coverage that includes Time Magazine November 8th 1999 issue and the creation of an opera to be performed by the LA Youth Opera in 2000.


Plans are also in progress to build an international Cricket Stadium in Compton, bringing funding and positive imagery to that city.   The Dome Village also co-created an inner city in-line and roller skating club for the children in the neighborhood, as another tool to relieve extreme youth crisis and prevent gang violence.   Please visit www.ComptonCricketClub.org


Ted also actively works to improve the inter racial and ethnic problems growing in our communities and published  THE OTHER SIDE OF THE  PYRAMID, a book that questions the origins of the slave trade and its effects on black people.  As a well-known community activist Ted has become a major conscious raising tool in Los Angeles and the world.


Elective Politics

In 1993. Ted ran as an official, balloted candidate for Mayor of LA, demonstrating that he possessed a broad array of knowledge and experience on the many issues concerning the quality of urban life. With only $3,000, in a field of 24 balloted candidates, he tied three others for ninth place.  He was considered by the press as number 12, while the others were considered in the “top 11”, with each  spending over $150,000.


In 2000 Ted ran for City Council for the 9th district.


Recently, Ted ran for Congress against long time incumbent the Hon. Maxine Waters of the 35th Congressional District which encompasses areas and surrounding townships of South Los Angeles.


Unlawful Immigration and Migration

After realizing that that unlawful immigration was a primary source of perpetuating homelessness in Los Angeles and the United States, Ted became a vocal activist against it.


Since the spring of 2005, he has co-founder such Civil Rights groups to resist unlawful immigration including: The Crispus Attucks Brigade; formerly Chaired Chose Black America of the Federation of American Illegal Immigration Reform; and America’s Black Shield.


You can see Ted’s work on the internet google etc. and also www.TedHayes.US


The HEAL America Campaign

On October 4,2009, Ted  and his allies initiate the HEAL America Campaign and growing national effort to Heal the slave wound of race in the United States by facilitating a two-way discussion or dialogue between American White and Black US citizens.  Please see www.Healamericacampaign.com and www.TedHayes.US


Golden Hayes Over Athens 

Finally, giving all thanks to GOD, Ted’s youngest daughter, Joanna D. Hayes, won the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal in the 100 M Hurdles in record breaking time in Athens Greece and has been chosen as the National Track & Field “Female Athlete of the Year” along with many other honors.