Craig Chamberlain's Omni-Sphere domes provided an innovative solution and a new kind of transitional housing for the homeless.  They provide an attractive alternative to the usual "brick and mortar" or institutional type buildings and one that is non-threatening to the local community. 

Omni-Spheres are 20' in diameter and 12 ' tall with an area of about 314 square feet inside.  They are comprised of 21 panels and bolt easily together with 150 teflon bolts.  The panels are made of a super strong polyester-fiberglass material which makes the domes extremely durable.  The Omni-Sphere is water tight and maintenance free.    They are quick to assemble and cam be put up in under four hours by a team of two with no more than a step ladder, a screwdriver and a wrench.  There is also an insulated version called the Survival-Sphere which can hold the heat in sub-zero temperatures.

The Dome Village is made up of 20 of these domes on a property of about one and one-third acres. Eight domes are community-use and include a kitchen, community room, office domes, separate womenís and menís bath facilities, and a laundry dome.   The remaining domes are residential, partitioned in half and providing private living space for two individuals or a family.

The architectural structure of Dome Village is a powerful visual, drawing the attention of the general public and government, and focusing attention on the issue of homelessness in our community.  

Using the domes used as stabilizing tools helps to provide affordable transitional housing which is non-threatening to the chronic homeless person and to the neighborhood and also helps to achieve the goals of alleviating homelessness and reducing unsightly encampments in our city.

A new generation of the dome structures has been created based on Craig Chamberlain's Omni-Sphere design.  Versions are now available which is made of a new type of materials that have additional insulating and other qualities. 

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