NOTE: Psychological, Physical and Economical Obstacles, Program      
        Resistance and Density no room, Makes Mainstreaming An Impossible
          Objective To End Homelessness and The Programs To Do So, Impractical.

Sheriff Baca,
The boxed statement is essentially the idea that we must get into the Presidents head about the realities of helping the Homeless.  

As ugly and even daunting as it may be, you, he, I and others who are willing or are forced to take on this threatening crisis to our national security must also be honest, objective and willing to accept and embrace this truth about homelessness.

If we refuse or cant accept these facts about homelessness, then our good and well meaning efforts are in vain, just as we have been experiencing all these years.

While the boxed statement is the message that I want to convey to you to convey to him, do please peruse and study the rest of the document.  Afterwards, you will have a much better grasp on the statement and perhaps be able to explain it to the President in terms that he may better understand.

Please feel free to call me for clarification.

Thank you for you willingness to work in partnership with me.  We can defeat this THING.


Mr. President,
The vast majority (98%) of homeless people cannot be placed or replaced into the mainstream of American society due to psychological, physical and economical conditions, while another 98% have no desire to enter or re-enter the mainstream. 

Yet, even if the conditions were perfect (psychological, physical and economical) and the homeless peoples desired to enter mainstream, it is an impossible objective or task to achieve.  This fact is due to the reality of geophysical density in the area of Los Angeles, and the glaring fact, that there are not a sufficient stock of affordable housing in decent neighborhoods and cost of living jobs.

Therefore we need to consider and explore implementing alternative approach, even the ones that we are presenting to you as simply outlined in the JSAP (JOINT STATEMENT AND ACTION PLAN) by the Law Enforcement Working Group, of which you have a copy.

Responsible individuals and entities in society must no longer remain in denial about this homelessness circumstance and situation by attempting to mainstream the Homeless.  We must not remain as Egyptians, that is, dwelling in the de-nial (the Nile) about this issue.

In order to conceive, formulate, develop, and implement programs and strategies for confronting homelessness issues, serious activism must:
First identify realistic objectives and goals that can be obtained or achieved.
Secondly, everyone in society, including the Homeless themselves, must face the reality that mainstreaming as the ultimate end to homelessness, is futile,
Thirdly, challenge and defeat it by a government private sector partnership in A national plan that offers an alternative to the mainstream.

It is the stated and grand objective of activism to end, eradicate or at least minimize the ravages caused by homelessness by transitioning them into the mainstream of society.  Correct?  Correct!

Non-Mainstreaming Homeless
Given my knowledge and experience in homelessness, it is my opinion that 98 % of the homelessness populations can not and will not transition out of homelessness into the mainstream of society.  This is true nationwide, especially, in Los Angeles, the capital of homelessness of the United States of America!  

Some of these people are those who have experienced mainstream lifestyle before their state of homelessness, while others coming from already impoverished circumstances and conditions, are seeking lifestyle for the first time.

Dwellings of the Homeless Populations

These populations would include those individuals and families who dwell in garages turned into illegal housing, over-capacity  apartments and houses (* dwelling with family/friends), hotels, motels, SRO apartments, transitional housing, missions, shelters, abandoned buildings, automobiles, (trailers, trucks, buses, vans, cars, RVs, etc.) encampments, (tents, blankets, plastic lean-tos, etc), shanty towns, (wooden shacks) and on the streets (sidewalks, store front porches, alley ways, parking and vacant lots, under surface road and freeways bridges, off freeway islands, parks, beach fronts, river beds, etc.)      

Controversy: Street Homeless
It is the street homeless peoples that is the most visible, troublesome, and therefore, the most controversial of all the homelessness populations.

Unable To Mainstream Homeless
This 98% population who cant, wont attain to the mainstream and remain there as productive, tax paying citizens, is due to the following possibilities, they are:  either/and/or their physical and psychological (mental, emotional intellectual) disabilities /challenges; age; lack of skills; and/or inability to become skilled persons; or even, the uncertainty of the economy.

These folk will always be dependant upon someone or  social program to even remain alive and healthy, let alone become tax paying productive citizens in mainstream society.   

Mainstream Resistant Homeless
Even worse, it is my belief that 98 % of the homelessness populations who do have the physical and psychological capabilities to take on a productive, tax paying role in mainstream will not, and have no desire to do so.  In fact, they actively resist it.

If asked what would help them, they will give you what I call, correct, homeless, political speech (chps).   Chps are given as a way to win ones friendship in order to get that possible dollar or spare changethe potential donor thinking, This guy is alright, Ill give him some money. 

The reason for this resistance to mainstreaming by this homeless population is that, they have actually found certain tranquility in their misery. 

They are like the slave that has escaped the plantation, who has tasted sweetness of freedom.  That slave would rather die in the swamp, that return to the plantation.

Homeless Become One With Homelessness
While angry and/or emotionally upset with their initial experience in homelessness, and after attempting to get off the streets and consistently failing to do so, they surrender to their circumstances.

Essentially, they have acclimated and embraced their homelessness state, that is become one with it.  Embrace the pain, remain sane.

These folk have discovered that their homelessness has emancipated them from the duties of most stressed out Americans who have to pay rent or mortgages, utilities, taxes, child support, alimony, past debts to relatives and friends; driving or traveling in overcrowded traffic and pubic transportation vehicles; being to work on time; tolerating obnoxious bosses or irritable co-workers, etc.

Program Resistant Homeless
Of course, they also refuse to be subjugated to the stifling environments of the outreach social service rehabilitation center programs, where they are required to obey strictly enforced rules and regulations, including those of sobriety.

The Working Class Peoples
It is a fact, that the vast majority, perhaps as high as 98% of mainstream workers in the United States hate, despise their occupations (jobs), or at least wished that there profession was other than what it is.

The worst of day of the week for these people is Monday morning or the first day after vacation.

Only a few individuals actually love, or enjoy, or are at least content with their occupations or employment (jobs)

The Woes of the Working Class Peoples
The working people in the mainstream society are the most oppressed, and stressed out class in all of society having to address all the above mentioned circumstances, rent, utilities, taxes, etc.

It is a truism that the middles class is not being lost but rather, is being transformed into tax slaves.  The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.  In fact, society is balanced upon the back of the working middle classes and working poor. 

Tax Slavery
The tax slaves pay for the financial expenditures of government ranging from bureaucracies (local, county, state, federal), to military, to foreign aide, to the poor and homeless, to corporations who wont pay theirs.

The Middle class workers are so stressed that they drive the industries of alcohol and drugs (street and pharmaceutical prescriptions), including the accompanying appendage industries of rehabilitation from substance misuse such as; psycho therapy, psychiatric and medical; domestic violence and abuse; family dissolution; along with a host of others that exist due the overstresses of the mainstream lifestyles.

Program Resistant Homeless Do Not Want Mainstream
While most homeless peoples may not be able or willing to articulate (chps) their aversion to the mainstream of society, nevertheless, they demonstrate by their resistance to helpful rehabilitation programs of the various outreach services and centers, by willingly dwelling in the streets.

These program resistant people understand that after graduation from the rehabilitation and training centers of outreach programs, the very same conditions and situation that drove them into streets in the first place, are not only still there in mainstream, but they have actually grown worse.

They reason, Why work so hard merely to return to a drudgery that is now far worse than the original causations for their homelessness in the first place.

When it comes to working a job for a living, minimum wages simply makes the rich employer richer, and the worker-tax slave poorer.

They also, reason, that even working for cost of living wages is foolishness, because they are so tired and stressed, they can not fully enjoy the fruit of their labors and the devastating toll that it takes his/her family is not worth it.

They are aware that too often in order to pay the prices of the living a mainstream life, several employment wages must be combined in order to make ends meet.

Often, multiple jobs is a combination every adult person in a household maintain at least one or more occupations, resulting in a myriad of domestic, psychological, and physical complications.

The Mystery of Program Resistant Homeless ...Solved
Remember, the freed slave would rather die in the swamps than return to the plantation of slavery. 

The escaped slaves have found tranquility in their misery; Rest, in their turbulent struggles; Reprieve in their weariness; Calm in the storm; Joy in their sorrows.  Laughter in their anger; Happiness in their sadness; Comfort in their loneliness; Sanity in their madness; Healings in their wounds and pain.

Herein lays the mystery to program resistant homeless people who would rather remain in the cold, rain, filth of the outdoors environment and the constant harassment of police, than to yield and avail themselves of decent government sanctioned shelters. 

They understandably refuse to surrender their freedom in exchange for the horrors of mainstream, paying taxes, utilities, rent or mortgages; traveling to and from work; and the rigors of the job and the entanglements with co-workers.

No Room In The Inn" of Mainstream Society
Finally, the ultimate reason for the 98% of the homelessness populations that will not go to mainstream, along those who wont and cant because of psycho-physical or lack of desire is geographic and economical.

No Housing
You see, while the social services may be able to temporarily shelter, including transitional housing or substance misuse facilities, there isnt nearly enough housing in Los Angeles that is permanent and affordable for them in decent neighborhoods.

No Gainful Employment
Neither is there near enough living wage or gainful employment opportunities for them even if housing was available.

Gentrification of the Lower Classes
It is a fact, that gentrification is occurring right through the middle and poor working classes.  If these classes of people are loosing their housing and employment opportunities as well, clearly then it is impossible for the unemployed poor and homeless to achieve.

Given this knowledge and understanding, it is totally futile to devise programs for that places mainstreaming as the ultimate goal or destiny for homeless peoples.   This is so, because places for the masses of them simply do not exist.

Decentralization Is The Most Logical and Reasonable Answer
Activism must no longer advise government and private entities to seek programming to maintain the masses of homeless populations, but rather to identify alternative tributaries and implement programming accordingly.

Through the objective process of elimination, we come to the conclusion that only a plan of decentralization of the homeless population from the urban centers, suburban area and in some cases rural communities into former military bases, etc, reformed into chartered townships.

Thank you for your time and interest

Ted Hayes
Objective For The Homeless
Mainstream" Them
or Create
Alternative "Tributaries"
(by Ted Hayes 4/25/05)
The Options: The Process of Elimination
* Leave As Is         
* Enforce The Law Arrest
* Resolve or Fix It   How???  When???  With What????

Sanctioned Encampments (Temporary, Transitional, Transportable)
Sanctioned Encampments are areas where street dwelling Homeless persons are in cooperative relationships with authorities having the intent of seeking realistic exits out of their peculiar state of homelessness or at least street dwelling or productive responsibility citizenship where they are until housing and gainful employment etc. is available.   It is in good faith and trust that the participants in the encampments and the authorities work together  r without prejudice to achieve that goal as soon as possible. 

It is to be understood that the sanctioned encampments are to have predetermined life spans, with a certain number of reprieves.  These reprieves are to cover any unforeseen obstacles to the predetermined closure.

This policy is already in existence.  Note* The street cleaning policy as evidenced by the Street Cleaning signs posted in areas of encampments or where Homeless persons congregate.  The Containment policy itself.

This proposal simply calls for improving and fine tuning.
Set up a community organizations
Devise policies and guidelines (standards of living conditions and social interactions) with community input

Increase LAPD patrols in area
This increase in patrols is not selective law enforcement Status Cleansing..  Selective law enforcement is the intentional use of certain codes of public health and safety specifically aimed or even designed at individuals who dwell outside (in/on streets, sidewalks, alleys, public and private properties).  Selective enforcement is harassment for the sake of moving encampment/street dwelling Homeless on to other locations where they and their lifestyles are more tolerated.

The circumstances and situations of sanctioned encampments that is called for here, warrants police protection for the participants from criminal elements that would prey upon them, due to their vulnerability.

Industrial Way:  The First Model

Phase I:  Sidewalk Cleaning
The Steps To Be Taken
1. Clean N. Side of street and place portable toilets
2. Remove structures to N. side of street
3. Clean S. side of street
4. Place tarp along side of fence
5. Mark off sections and number them
6. Replace structures
7. Implement a wash area with hot and cold running water

Phase II:  Relocation of Encampment
1.  Remove encampment onto adjacent private property
2.  Implement toilet and shower facilities
3.  Military Field Kitchen
4.  Lighting
5.  Devise Security
6.  Mark off sections and number them

The JSAP Law Enforcement Working Group
Actually the JASP document is a directive that already deals with this particular circumstance of encampment homelessness.  This is essentially due to the fact that it is law enforcement that has the continually confrontations with the inhabitants of encampments, etc. 

City Departments Related To Homelessness
County Departments Related To Homelessness
The Metro Transit Authority

Business/Merchant Associations
Central City, Central City East, Central City West, L.A.
Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club
Private Security
Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority
Social Service Providers

Operation: Urban Understanding & Empowerment
Industry Way Encampment

(As proposed by Ted Hayes, JHUSA 122000)

The Option: Enforce The Law
Arrest Every one In Violation of Codes of Public Health & Safety, Building & Safety, and Fire.(Research Possibilities LAPD/Sheriff)

It should be clear, that the encampment itself is an illegal community in every possible way such as;
1.  The structures deprive and block pedestrian traffic on sidewalk;
2.  These users of the tents on the sidewalk do not have permits;
3.  Other structures such as lean-tos violate codes of Departments of Building and
     Safety, and Fire;
4.  The individuals who erected the structures continue to dwell on the sidewalk,
thereby are in a continual process of committing crimes of Public Health & Safety unchallenged (*allegedly encouraged to go there by certain police officers originally);
5.  Lighting unauthorized fires;
6.  Being possession of shopping carts, milk crates, etc;
7.  Often conducting unlawful activities within the structures, etc;

Clearly, the police have enough circumstances of probable causes, that is grounds to search, eize and to make arrests of individuals who willfully and defiantly dwell in the encampment. 
Arrest Everyone (Research Possibilities LAPD/Sheriff
However, should the Police Departments follow suite, officers would have to arrest 50 to 100 individuals residing at Industry Way and confiscate their personal belongings and trash much of it, causing many related legal problems.  This could throw an immediate strain on the Sheriffs Departments county jail. 
Furthermore, in order to avoid accusations of selective enforcement of law against certain people, the PD would have to make arrests all over the city, thereby forcing a law enforcement tactical alert. 
Such an action would undoubtedly add even greater stress on the Sheriff and draw incredibly loud protests and law suites. 
To make matters worse, most of those arrested would simply be released after a short incarceration and return to the same streets where they came from.  The whole process would prove futile and expensive to taxpayers.

Operation Urban Understanding & Empowerment
Street Dwelling-Encampment Homelessness

The Industry Way Encampment
(As proposed by Ted Hayes, JHUSA 122000)

The Options: Leave As Is
To leave the situation and conditions at Industry Way as is, is a continuation of a 15 20 year tradition that can only grow worse. 

The encampment will continue to breed filth and possibly related physical and psychological diseases and illnesses; illicit drug activities and related problems such as; violence, thefts, and other crimes; refuge (behind Homeless) for criminals; an oppression on local merchants and residents;

The encampment will cause more loss of Homeless personal properties; alleged abuses of Homeless individuals by maintenance workers and LAPD patrol officers; further law suites against the city and LAPD as a result of these alleged abuses; agitation and continued resentment of law enforcement and government street maintenance workers;

The encampment is fraught with legal liabilities on the city and county, if allowed to continue due to its unconstitutional and inhumane conditions, especially for a world class, visible, modern city as Los Angeles.

Operation Urban Understanding & Empowerment
Street Dwelling-Encampment Homelessness
The Industry Way Encampment
(As proposed by Ted Hayes, JHUSA 122000)

The Option: Fix It
Immediately set the Prime Objective for the Industry Way sidewalk encampment, which is, to end & relocate it onto vacant property.

Remedy Encampment Situation
The Prime Objective for the Industry Way sidewalk encampment is to end it in a just and humane fashion by following the Los Angeles City Encampment Policies along with the addition of new innovations. 

The Working Group is to be committed to having a O tolerance attitude for the continuation of the situation at Industry Way as it is.  Given the knowledge and understanding of the danger that the encampment poses to us all including the residents there, we have no choice but to go forward with realistic approaches and solutions.

* Immediately Implement Monitoring Systems
The Working Group authorizes a monitoring system that is on site for the regular Street Maintenance clean up and the search for felons.  The monitoring system should be in place at the encampment at all other times as well.

Step I.   Thinking Through Problems and Solutions    
The Working Group obtains, review and study Encampment Policy (LACEP) and simultaneously place the all the problems related to the Industry Way encampment, including those stemming from any potential solutions.

Step II.  The Primary Objective  
The Working Group sets a Prime Objective, with plans, strategies and time lines for ending encampment and relocating it populations.

Step III.   Sanctioning Encampment, Making It Amnesty Zone.
Sanctioning would mean that certain laws, codes, and ordinances will be liberalized and amnesty to be extended for those who choose to participate.  This sanctioning should take place only after meeting with encampment residents and their acceptance of plans, policies and guidelines.  This sanctioning is accompanied by a monitoring system

Authorize community organization to maintain the cleanliness and civility of the area according to guideline standards.

Natural Screening Mechanism
If the listed procedure is applied, it will serve as screening mechanism based on the willingness of the participants.  That is, though the encampment Homeless are resistant to traditional Rules and Regulations of the shelter programs, this particular program will be created, endorsed and enforced by themselves in conjunction with the proper and designated authorities. 

In exchange for unusual or irregular allowances for their lifestyle by the government, failure to comply will lead to either the termination of individuals or the encampment community as a whole.

* Knowing these guidelines and policies will automatically cause several of the encampment dwellers to voluntarily leave it, taking with them their troubles.  This process serves as an automatic screening.

* However, this procedure may cause many others through the CCE area to be drawn to Industry Way.  The Working Group must be prepared for this possibility.

Step IV.    Implement Plans
Project Security and Safety:  Increase LAPD patrols of Industry Way and arrange security posts at each end of Industry Way.

Project Sanitation: Deploy portable toilets (with accessories); washing troughs with privacy screens (men/women);

Project Residency: Identify and count participants; mark off residential areas and number them; create policies and guidelines that each participant signs on to;

Project Outreach: Set up daily or frequent and routine opportunities to available social services;

Project Land Space: Acquire adjacent vacant lot; seek other spaces as well.

Project Time Frame: Set time limits for implementation of Projects and duration of sidewalk encampment and land encampment.

Ted Hayes
National Homeless Plan Campaign
JHUSA, The Dome Village, 847 Golden Avenue, Los Angeles, CA., 90017 / 213-892-9065
Thursday, November 30.2000

(C O P Y )
The Office of Councilman Nick Pacheco
Mr. James Santa Maria, Deputy,
L.A. City Hall,
Los Angeles, CA., 90012
(f) 213-847-0680

Re: Documents On Street Dwelling/Encampment Homelessn Homeless Empowerment: A Strategy & Policy Shift.

Dear James,
The Document entitled Encampment Strategy & Management Industrial Way, is the main focus of these faxes.  * Also note, Homeless Empowerment: A Strategy & Policy Shift.

The others are related to the overall situation of Street Dwelling Encampment Homelessness.  They range from the issues particularly around sanitation, encampments in general, and various strategies towards resolving some of those situations and challenges (problems). 

As you can see, most of them date back to the early 90s.  Obviously, much thought has been put into them, especially when you see that the conditions of street dwelling encampment homelessness in Central City East have not changed, but tragically remain the same.   In fact, those conditions have gotten worse, thereby making the subject matter contained in these documents all the more apropos and poignant for TODAY.

Maybe now, at last, this is the time to attempt some of the concepts contained in these documents.  I am under no illusion, for I recognize that implementing these concepts will not be easy, but rather difficult and challenging, however, it appears to me, that after sixteen years of studying the situation, we have no other recourse, but to at least TRY.

I also recognize that this Herculean effort will not only be risky to Councilman Pacheco, and Councilwoman Walters, LAPD Central, and other related government departments along with private interests that will take on this challenge, but it is an extreme risk for myself, the organization that I represent and the street dwelling encampment Homeless themselves, as well. Nevertheless, together, we must move forward
I apologize for not getting this information to you sooner.  My bad!   Thank you for your time, consideration and partnership.

Sincerely in your service,

Ted Hayes

Hello Sheriff Baca,

Attached is an old document, but rather current and in fact, more poignant than when originally drafted.

It simply compliments the document and the "soound-bite" statement that I sent to you earliet today.  That is the bites that you requested for puttingy that letter together for  President Bush.

The document deals the the whole question of realistically what are we going to do with ever growing homelessness populations, that are becoming increasingly more complex the longer they remain homeless.

This document goes back to December 2000, ( even before the world changed) when I took you down to the Industry Way encampment.  I put this document together back then in hopes to demonstrate the futility of attempting to mainstream this population and even offering the alternative the situation.

In the document I outline three (3) options for dealing with homelessness on this particular level, they are:

1. Leave the situation as it is
2. Arrest everyone involved
3. Fix It ---that is, according to the National Homeless Plan that I have for a long time been  
    consistently outlaying.

However, as you will recall, just about the time that you and I were close to moving on this thing...Bob Urlenbush crashed our organizing meeting and deterred you away from me.

Then, about a year or so afterwards, When he saw that my concepts were gaing respect, in a successful attempt to wrest you, the Mayor and other "powers that be" or
establishment individuals and entities in the public and private sectors away from me and the National Homeless Plan, he contrived the so-called, "Bring LA Home" (BLAH) Plan to End Homelessness In LA County.

Of course, he and it is failing as I predicted.  It fails because it was never intended to work as such. 

On the other hand it did not fail, but rather was and is successful, in that it did what it was intended to do....that is, to thwart, undermine, and divert attention away for the National Homeless Plan.

I will speak more on this particular matter later.

But please revisit the old document.

Again, thank you for your interest in my thoughts and your partnership with me in our bid to end homelessness, indeed.

       Encampment Strategy & Management
Industrial Way

A proposal by Ted Hayes 11/24/2000)