In September 1995 an historical event took place. The Justiceville Krickets (a creation of homeless activist Ted Hayes, Katy Haber and British and commonwealth friends) a team of homeless men from the downtown L.A. Dome Village toured England for two weeks playing cricket.

Coached by Veteran Cricketer Leo Magnus, this most unusual team of Cricketers in modern history  were invited by the South Coast Metropole (the cities of Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Poole and Southhampton ) to play cricket at the hallowed grounds of Hambledon. Sponsorship was raised through BUM equipment and Prudential Life Insurance and the Krickets left for a tour of England.

The tour created such a media buzz that Walt Disney picked up the rights to make a movie, which unfortunately went into turnaround.

In 1996 Ted Hayes, Katy Haber and some of the original Krickets organised a Cricket workshop at Compton High School in collaboration with the Compton School District.    Out of this memorable day a new team was created.  The Compton Homies and the POpz, a team of Latino ex- gang members who revolutionised the way the world sees cricket.  This first-ever all American cricket team has toured England 3 times in 1997, 1999 and in 2001 also visited Belfast.    They met Prince Edward of England, Jerry Adams of Sinn Fein, and some of the worlds greatest cricketers, including Shane Warne, Brian Lara, Richie Richardson to name but a few. 

Sponsors have included Maxim Magazine and Lashings, and  the team have played at Hambledon, Windsor Castle in the Presence of HRH Prince Edward, Charing Cross Police Department and at the British Civil Service Grounds in Belfast. 

The Compton Homies and Popz are part of the Los  Angeles Social Cricket Alliance and have won the British Cup twice.

Plans are afoot for a tour of Australia and South Africa and of course back to the homeland, Great Britain.

This Compton Team promotes the restoration and establishment of Cricket in the US, as well as helping to put a halt to the self destructive activities of the gang culture in America and abroad.

There is an enormous amount of media coverage, as well as documentaries, "Straight Outta Compton" and "Compton Cricket", news items such as "Oprah", "Fox Files", BBC, SKYE TV.

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