The Dome Village assists men, women, children, singles and families in an unsegregated environment, placing them in a setting that is a microcosm of society helping to teach them to live in the “real world”.

As the proverb from Africa goes… “It takes a village to raise a child.” We at Dome Village add, “It also takes a village to mature an adult.” In other words, Dome Village provides an integrated environment composed of people of all ages and ethnicities.  Pets are also allowed.   Dome Village has a forgiving attitude, allowing all individuals and encouraging interaction that is conducive to human development into productive and responsible, civil – social behavior.

Facilities that do not provide such an environment deny participants the opportunity to grow into well rounded citizens, in preparation of a world filled with individuals other than themselves.  To keep people segregated from the real world is a detriment and contradiction to the idea of rehabilitation into the so-called mainstream.

Thus our policy not to segregate the population but rather integrate them, (men, women, families, single parents with children, unmarried couples etc.) and allow for the existence of a microcosm of society. This type of community living helps prepare clients for the entry or interaction with the “mainstream’ of the local community, whereas segregation creates lifestyle adjustments.  In this way Dome Village offers realistic help to women and children.
"It Takes A Village..."