David, Sylvia & Joelle L.
David and Sylvia and their 2 year old daughter, Joelle became homeless after a series of unfortunate events.  David had come from Australia to marry Sylvia and start a family with her.  He was awaiting paperwork to be processed so that he could start legally working in the U.S.
Sylvia had been supporting the family working in a motel office.  She received a salary and housing at the motel in exchange for working.  At one point, she had some trouble with her boss - he became abusive and she lost her job as well as the living situation for her family.  They ended up at a mission in Downtown L.A. where families were not permitted to stay together. David had to stay in a different part of it, away from hi wife and daughter.  The situation was causing them to become increasingly depressed and hopeless.

One day, David saw a flyer about  Dome Village and decided to check it out.  As  fate would have it, the day they stopped by Dome Village, a family had just gone on to better things and a dome was waiting, as if, for them. 
They were thrilled.  Sylvia cried.

Their daughter, Joelle, had her third birthday party here a few weeks after they moved in and all of Dome VIllage celebrated.

The saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child.' is probably true here... However, we noticed that the opposite is also true - that it takes a child to raise a village.  Joelle was such a lovely child with a charming personality.  She soon became the apple of everyone's eye.  In some ways, her presence  (and often the presence of other children, too) helped bring the village together.  Joelle flourished at Dome Village,
having fun with such activities as the Art Program and the Garden Project.
Sylvia also enjoyed the Art Project and soon became an asset here, often helping out in the office - soon becoming a member of resident staff and also helping out as a driver.

While David was waiting for his work papers to be processed so he could pursue a career in computers, he donated his expertise to help with the networking of the computers in Dome Village and in the CyberDome.

After a while, David's work papers were sorted out and he found a well paying job in computer technology.  David was able to maintain his employment and save enough money for him to move the family to Australia.  There they have an apartment near the beach and Joelle is going to school.

David, Sylvia and Joelle are indeed missed by the many friends they made here, but they'll always be in our hearts as a tribute to what Dome Village can do.