Harry walked the homeless path for years. He put aside his family, his profession as a hairstylist and left Kennedy King Junior College where he was majoring in technical theater.  He gave up on mainstream society to live the (carefree) homeless lifestyle, de- pending on drugs and alcohol, his problems pushed him into addiction.

Some years later, after a few bad experiences, court ordered him to do a mandatory treatment program.  Harry decided he'd had enough and was serious and eager to get his life back on track.  He setout looking for housing,  came to Dome Village and became a resident.  In the twenty-three months that Harry has been at Dome Village, he has worked his way to Program Assistant and Resident Staff.  With the help of general staff and with learning computer and office skills, he has written - and had published - his unique short autobiography titled 'REAL LIVE DRAMA'.  It can be found at these websites: 
AUTHORHOUSE, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. He is now driving a taxi and making plans to leave Dome Village.

In his own words, "I owe it all to Justiceville/Homeless USA Dome Village - a place where I felt the comforts of having my own:  safety, freedom and privacy, the best thing is having your own, and I have never encountered no place like it."
Harry N.