Kathy S. first came to the Dome Village after having attempted several different sobriety programs without success.  She had been in and out of jail as well.  She came to Dome Village with the desire to finally make the changes she needed to get herself out of the cycle of drugs and jail.

The Dome Village environment and the supportive staff helped Kathy take some of the steps she needed to get her life turned around.  During her time at the Dome Village Kathy was able to make an honest attempt to get off drugs.

While at the Dome Village, Kathy was able to make the arrangements to get herself into a detox facility.  Once she completed the detox program, Kathy returned to Dome Village.  Now clean and sober, Kathy began to explore some of her interests.

She made a point to participate in as many of Dome Village's enriching programs as she could.

She pursued an internship at a TV production studio.  She spent time studying  computers in the CyberDome.
She worked on a book of her own poetry.  She worked in the Dome Village Garden. 
She was proud of her participation with 'The Ted Show' on the KRLA radio station.  Attending a 'Landlord - Tenant Relations' Training workshop is also on her list of accomplishments.

With the support of the Dome Village staff, Kathy prepared her resume and worked on clearing up her warrants. 
Accomplishing that, she was able to get her Driver's License again.
She also got a job teaching swim-
ming at the YMCA (as a young girl, she'd shown promise as a swimmer but got thrown off the team for smoking).

Now clean and sober,  she had the confidence  and courage to reconnect with her adoptive mother in Massachusetts. 
Further - she learned of two  biological sisters and three biological brothers whom she had never known.  To her sadness she found out one of her brothers had passed on, never knowing  his little sister.

All of this gave Kathy encouragement and strength to maintain her sobriety and continue to take steps out of her homeless situation.

After a while, she got a full time job and a car.  About ten months later she found a housing situation where she could live, in exchange for helping a handicapped older woman with some chores and household activities.  Since then, she has been successful in being able to maintain employment, housing and her car.

Kathy is still doing well and stops by occasionally to say that she'll never forget Dome Village for bellieving in her ablility to reclaim her place in society.
Kathy has this to add:

Luckily for me, Dome Village allowed me another chance.  They kept me off the streets, where I would not have survived long.  Finally I had the breathing space to realize that I was tired of the merry-go-round.  I was living
Groundhog Day in my own life, I was empty and spiritually bankrupt.  It was time to nurture  myself back to some semblance of a living, breathing human being.  I contacted a Detox Program myself and went at it Cold Turkey - 11 days of sheer HELL I will never forget, followed by weeks of recuperating and regaining my strength while my body slowly tried to heal.  Since detoxing, my life is slowly starting to make sense and things are falling into place.