Michelle's Research
After a few weeks at Dome Village, I started to get in touch with friends and business contacts.  After the third call, I realized people were judging me for the misfortune that happened to me.  Confused as to why they were judging me, knowing how hard I worked I couldnít why they were questioning the loss of my home and closing of my business.

In my spare time I did some research.  I started with two different sets of encyclopedias and looked up Ďhomelessí.  Then on the internet and other resource books and this is what I found.:

FIRST  I want to share my person and who I am never classifying people putting them into categories.  Having to keep in mind that not everyone is open-minded and non- judgmental, I strived to understand the behavior of friends & business contacts although I didnít agree with what they were saying.

In my research all sources said the same thing in different ways;  Society views all homeless people as inadequate to maintain a household with the alcoholism and drug addiction they carry.  Homelessness is the final result.

This not being MY case, I knew I was not alone.

I went to downtown L. A. the skid row area - to continue my research, only to find on my first visit, a woman in her late 50ís and a man in his early 60ís.  Both were high paid corporate executives who tired of the pressures of that world.  For peace of mind, they let everything go.  The responsibilities, pressures and grind of everyday life that were making them so unhappy.  They added that they never intended to go back to societyís rules.

I thanked them for their help and related my struggles.  I prayed for them and their future and was grateful that I was able to be strong enough for my own future.

So for those who judge homeless people Donít judge a book by itís cover.