John had lived in the same home with a yard for his two Dalmatians for nine years.
An out-of-work roommate and not enough S.A.G. work were the two main factors in his being evicted.

Having lived in Silverlake for over 20 years, he stuck around, first living in a doorway on Sunset, then moving to a walled area behind a dumpster, catty-cornered from his old house with his dogs, Cassie and 'What'.

After almost three years of being homeless, he was approached by Gina of LAHSA, in May of '04.  She told him of a transitional housing place where he could live with his dog (he'd lost the female - she was 'put down' by the dog pound after he was arrested in an act of criminalization of the homeless - and being a 'transient' and the dog having arthritis - the dog was killed less than 24 hours after his arrest.  He was out  of jail within 48 hours because the D. A. threw his case out - but by then it was too late to save his companion of the last nine years.)
He and 'What' were thrilled and waited for Gina to come back with more info.  After a month, with no sign of Gina, hope began to ebb.  But after two months SHE CAME BACK and took John to Dome Village to fill out the necessary paperwork  and interview with Graham, who put him on the waiting list.
He was told it would take up to a year, but to John - that was nothing.  Knowing that there was a place for him and his dog was all that mattered.

It took two months.

John has been at the village for 7 months now.  He works with the children on their reading, is helping to get the Dome Village shop back up and running and does data entry on the website (he's doing the 'Profiles' section even as this is being written).  He, after two months of volunteering, has been working as Resident Staff in the office.  

I guess this 'Profile' is a work in progress... I'll get back to you about how the career is going (as a background actor - I'll let you know when I get an agent and tell you what to watch for on t.v., etc.)

'What' is as thrilled to be here as I.  This is the only place in L. A. (and probably the country) where a homeless man can go with his dog. 

to be continued...