Sanctuary Cities, USA
(List of Sanctuary Cities below)
Last updated: 8-9-07

     Note: False information appears to have been submitted to regarding the listing of Alabaster, AL.  As a result Alabaster, AL is being removed from the sanctuary city list.
        Anchorage  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)    Fairbanks  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service) [Mayor of Fairbanks disputes the listing. However, OJJPAC has verified the listing of Fairbanks, Alaska, as having a sanctuary policy by the Congressional Research Service in an 2005 report. OJJPAC has requested that the city administration forward its policy demonstrating that it is not a sanctuary city--but none has been forwarded as of 8-9-07.]  

        Chandler, AZ   (Added 5/30/07)    Phoenix, AZ   

        Bell Gardens, CA    City of Industry, CA    City of Commerce, CA    Cypress, CA    Davis CA    Diamond Bar, CA  (6/26/07 Disputed by city. Currently being researched to verify.)    Downey, CA    Fresno, CA (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)    Lakewood, CA     Los Angeles, CA   (Congressional Research Service)    Long Beach, CA    Lynwood, CA    Maywood, CA    Montebello, CA    National City, CA    Norwalk, CA    Paramount, CA    Pico Rivera, CA    So. Gate, CA    San Bernardino, CA.(Added 6/7/07, reader submitted)    San Diego, CA (Congressional Research Service)    Santa Cruz, CA  (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)    San Francisco, CA (Congressional Research Service)    San Jose, CA (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)     Sonoma County, CA    (Congressional Research Service)    Vernon, CA    Watsonville, CA (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)    Wilmington, CA

    Aurora, CO    Commerce City, CO    Denver, CO (Congressional Research Service)    Durango, CO  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)    Federal Heights, CO    Fort Collins CO    Lafayette, CO  (Added 6/3/07, documented by reader)    Thornton, CO    Westminster, CO 
     New Haven, CT  (Added 6/4/07.  TV News 8: City council votes 25-1 to issue ID cards to illegals)    Springfield CT (Disputed)

     DeLeon Springs, FL      Deltona, Fl     Miami, FL    Sanford, Fl     (7-23-07. Listing disputed by City, under review.)   

        Dalton, GA (Added 5/30/07. 6/18/07 Listing disputed as inaccurate by the City of Dalton, GA )
        Chicago, IL (Congressional Research Service)    Cicero, IL  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)    Evanston, IL (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service) 
        Cambridge, Mass.  (Source: Boston Globe. First passed resolution in 1985)    Orleans, Mass. (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)  

        Portland    (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that Portland city council passed sanctuary legislation)    State of Maine   (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that the governor signed a sanctuary executive order)   

        Baltimore, MD  (Congressional Research Service)  Gaithersburg, MD    Takoma Park, MD      (Reported that City ordinance passed some 20 years ago; Congressional Research Service)
     Ann Arbor, MI (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)   Detroit, MI  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
        Minneapolis, MN (Congressional Research Service)    St. Paul, MN    Worthington, MN      (Added 5-30-07 Note: This is where a Swift plant was raided by ICE in December, 2006)   

        Reno  (Added 5-31-07)   

New Jersey
         Bridgeton, NJ  (Added 6-3-07) [7-27-07 Disputed by a reputed farm worker advocate, see note below.]   Camden, NJ     Fort Lee, NJ    Hightstown, NJ  (Added 5-30-07)    Jersey City, NJ    Newark, NJ  (Added 6-3-07)    North Bergen, NJ    Trenton, NJ     Union City, NJ    West New York, NJ
New Mexico
      Albuquerque, NM  (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)   Rio Ariba County, NM    (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)    Santa Fe, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
New York

        Bay Shore, NY    Brentwood, NY    Central Islip, NY    Farmingville, NY    New York City, NY     Peekskill, NY  [Disputed, being researched]    Riverhead, NY    Shirly/Mastic, NY    Spring Valley Village, NY  (Added 7-25-07)    Uniondale, NY    Westbury, NY   

North Carolina
        Charlotte, NC     Durham, NC (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)    Raleigh    Winston-Salem   

     Columbus, OH   (7/5/07 Source: 5/10/07 Columbus Dispatch article stating illegal aliens in misdemeanor cases are not reported to ICE)    Painesville, OH  (7-19-07 Source: 7-18-07 Cleveland Scene article) [8-9-07 Disputed by Painesville' s City Manager, under review.]

     Oklahoma City (de facto)    Tulsa  (6-3-07 Note: Tulsa city council is discussing changing its sanctuary policy.)        
     State of Oregon * (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)  *(See note below)
        Ashland, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)    Gaston, OR  (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)    Marion County, OR    (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)    Portland, OR   
        Austin, TX  (Congressional Research Service)    Baytown, TX  (6-13-07 Local reader observation)    Brownsville, TX     Channelview, TX  (6-13-07 Local reader observation)    Denton, TX    Dallas, TX     El Cenizo, TX  (6-13-07 Congressional Research Service)    Ft.Worth, TX    Houston, TX  (Congressional Research Service)    Katy,TX (Congressional Research Service)    Laredo, TX     Mcallen, TX    Port Arthur, TX  (6-13-07 Reader/resident observation)    San Antonio, TX  [Note: The Sanctuary status of San Antonio is disputed, being researched.]   

       Provo, UT      Salt Lake City, UT   

     Fairfax County, VA    Virginia Beach, VA   (Added 6/3/07)

    Seattle, WA  (Added 5/30/07; Congressional Research Service)

    Madison, WI (Congressional Research Service)

       Jackson Hole, WY
Washington, D.C.
Additional Notes:

State of Oregon
      According to a CRS report (October, 2005), Oregon passed a law in 1987 that prohibits local and state law enforcement from using state resources for locating and capturing illegal aliens.  Law enforcement was permitted [but not required] to "exchange information" with federal immigration agents if an illegal alien was arrested for a crime.

Bridgeton, NJ  
7-27-07 Disputed by a reputed farm worker advocate who sent me this email:   "I just wanted to point out an inaccuracy on your website's listing of sanctuary cities.  You have Bridgeton, NJ listed as a sanctuary city, and indeed it is most definitely not.(Thank God!)  I work with CATA - The Farmworkers' Support committee (www.cata-farmworker (Ohh and we have an organized group of membership in this town.  One of our goals is working towards making Bridgeton an sanctuary city, but the local government is quite unfriendly towards the immigrant population, and the mayor has even hinted at wanting to implement a Hazleton type of ordinance (luckily, given yesterday's legal decision, that won't be happening)."
, another place we can email to.)

Columbus, OH  
    The Columbus Dispatch [Ohio] wrote:    "The police didn't contact immigration authorities concerning those who were determined to be undocumented, Booth said. Authorities say that's typical when it comes to misdemeanor charges."  [Columbus, Ohio]
Painesville, OH
    Cleveland Scene (7-18-07) quotes the Painesville Police Chief Gary Smith:      
***He [Police Chief Gary Smith] has no qualms about laying out his indifference in plain English: "We don't care what your [immigration] status is." ***
Oklahoma City, OK
      One reader wrote about Oklahoma City:   Oklahoma City is a sanctuary city de facto.  Police officers have been told not to stop any Hispanic for minor traffic violations, because they have a good chance of being illegal and it is a waste of time.  The City has not been enforcing City Code if the recipient of the code violation doesn't speak English.  And is not attempting to enforce the single-family dwelling laws.
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