The Responsibility and Power - Authority

of the President of the United States

To Protect American Black US Citizens, Emancipated Slaves


Hence, the Fate of Emancipated Slave Determines

The Destiny of The United States of America


Based on the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866 Sections 4,8,9, the President of the United States is granted special authority to defend American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen, commonly known as Negroes, Colored People, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, Blacks, et al, until they are at a citizenship level “as is enjoyed by White citizens”, Section 1.

Due to their unique and unlike experience of immigrants

The National Birth and Identity Rights or Certificate of Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen

The 14th Amendment, as its progenitor, the Congressional Civil Rights Act of 1866, is the National Birth and Identity Rights Certificate of the Emancipated Slaves.

Though under the Jurisdiction of the United States, which inherited them from the British Empire July 4,1776, the exiled by fellow Africans and Muslims, West African Black chattel slaves did not receive citizenship until the passage of the 1866 Congressional Civil Rights Act and the subsequent 14th Amendment which Constitutionalized it 102 years later.

  • Civil Rights via the 14th Amendment is specially engrafted by Constitution into the Declaration of Independence, the Birth Certificate of the United States

Ø      No other peoples or ethno-racial group, including the Founding Fathers. i.e,  American colonialist of the time, as well as succeeding post Revolutionary  immigrants (legal or illegal) have such special STANDING in the Constitution and the affairs of the this nation.

Ø      Such STANDING is not based on skin color, race, physical characteristics, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, etc, but rather on the unique and unparallel experience by which they entered or were brought against their will, locked in shackles and chains under the harsh scourge of the whip into the United States of America.

Ø      In the grand effort to rectify over the succeeding generations, the Republican architects devised and implemented of the Civil Rights Act and 14th, as well as the 13th and 15th Amendments for the Emancipated Slaves and nobody else.

The Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation of January 1,1863

This special Presidential, Executive Ordered edict freed the chattel slaves from slavery of the slave holding States, thereby nullifying their Standing in the 10th Amendment that they perceived gave them such a Declaration of Independence institution;

As Commander In Chief and protectorate of the ideals of the Republican Union, President Abraham Lincoln by Constitutional mandate could no longer allow such anti-American, Old Order of the Ages practice for which the Revolutionary War was fought, to exist in this New Nation.

  • There is no such proclamation for any other ethno-racial, immigrant, American peoples, especially not for those who are citizens of foreign nations within our borders without official permission from the proper federal authorities or illegal aliens even though they may reside within the borders of the United States.


The 13th Amendment Ends or Abolishes Slavery In The United States

On December 6, 1863, the 13th Amendment, in accordance the Declaratory edict of GOD "creating all men equal and endowing them with certain inalienable rights, that amongst these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" outlawed the practice of tyranny i.e. Slavery of all kinds in the United States, thereby totally freeing the slaves thereof.


  • There is no such STANDING for any other class, peoples, or ethno-racial group within the USA.
  • While all immigrants have suffered hardships entering the Jurisdiction of the USA, by their own free choice and wills, none of them are granted a special Constitutional Amendment for their existence other than that which they inherit already existing the Constitution.
  • In this matter, they have the same citizenship as that of the Founding Fathers who needed no such special STANDING as the did the slaves and their generations of emancipated children.

Ø      The 13th Amendment is not for American citizens, especially not for illegal aliens, but rather for the Emancipated Slaves or Freedmen.

The 14th Amendment

All other American ethno-racial citizens are/were automatically made citizens, post the Revolution, simply by being naturalized according to the current immigration policies and laws of the times therefore not needing specially granting as did the chattel slaves. 

According to the Civil Rights Act of 1866, Section 1, such Americans are referred to as "White citizens" who naturally enjoyed the bounties of the United States as set forth in the National Birth Certificate of the Declaration of Independence, being "equal justice under the law".

  • The term "White citizens", is not necessarily the color of skin or racial physical characteristics, though the predominance of the such was the case in early America, but rather refers primarily to a status.

Ø      Therefore, any naturalized citizens of the United States regardless of physical features such as skin color is a "White citizen" because they freely    enjoy the "equal justice under the law" American bounties afforded them because of their status.

Ø      Yellow Asians, Brown Indians of the Asian Subcontinent or Central-South America, even Black Africans who willingly chose to enter legally into the Jurisdiction the United States...are all "White citizens", including Illegal aliens, that is, citizens of foreign nations within the borders of the United State without official permission from proper federal authorities, have no Standing in the 14th Amendment for the following reasons:

Ø      At the time of the passage of this Constitutional legislation, there was no such thing in the US as an "illegal alien" nor especially of Mexico, or Hispanic/Latinos who are the preponderance of illegal immigration invasion, nor other nations who are take illicit advantage of the 14th Amendment claiming "birth-right citizenship" etc.

Ø      There is not provision for illegal aliens, despite their self-inflicted sufferings in the United States, especially as they are not even mentioned, whereas the slaves and their race, color and previous status of "involuntary servitude" is concerned.

Ø      The fact, that the folks for whom the 14 Amendment is meant for are those that were not voluntary servants/slaves nor even willing immigrants as is the illegal aliens, is proof enough that the latter doesn't have STANDING in the Constitutional legislation as does the former.

> The 14th Amendment for the Emancipated Slaves, i.e. Freedmen has it’s foundations, roots, moorings in the 13th which while it ended the peculiar institution meant for them, and the Emancipation Proclamation freed them, they  were not yet citizens according the Declaration of Independence, thereby exempt from the bounties of the Constitution.

Ø      The 14th Amendment is birthed not out of illegal immigration, but rather involuntary servitude. Any use of the 14th Amendment other than for the Emancipated Slaves or Freedmen is un-Constitutional and thereby illegal.

> Further evidence as to who has STANDING in the 14th Amendment is the 15th in that, it was for empowering the Emancipated Slave-Freedmen now possessing citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens" to hold it and continue over the succeeding generations to do so.

The 15th Amendment

Immediately following the 14th Amendment July 9,1868 which took the freed emancipated slaves after the passage of the 13th abolishing it, the crucial 15th was legislated into Constitutional Law as well.

While the 13th ended and abolished the practice of slavery or involuntary servitude, and the 14th granted special-unique, unprecedented, citizenship to the Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen, the 15th empowers them with the ability to maintain both rights by the vote.

If the Freedmen lose their Constitutionally granted power of the vote, their citizenship will be undermined thereby open the great possibility via various subsequent circumstances to re-enter some form of slavery.

Unfortunately for the United States, should the Freedmen loose their freedom and become slaves again, such devastation would mean the end of the New Nation (“national infanticide”) with the dream of a new birth of freedom, because its heart-center mission would have been stopped by the failure to bring the Emancipated Slaves into practical citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens”.

More than ever in its short history national infanticide is about to be committed by the presence of an illicit population of future voters than should not have the right to participate in elections.

By the twisting theft of the 14th Amendment by the anti-Constitutional practice of Anchorism, the illicit voting numbers primarily of Hispanic/Latino illegal immigrants-aliens and their children’s children et al, the specially granted vote of the Emancipated slave will be rendered null and void.

Given the percentages of the United States populations with Blacks being only 11-13% and declining, in comparison with the illicit, Hispanic/Latino illegal alien generation, shortly the interest of the Emancipated Slaves will be lost to that of a foreign force because their voting numbers will have no significant consequence being out-numbered.

It is not that Freedmen can’t or won’t vote, but the intended power of their balloting according to the reasons for the 15th Amendment, will no longer be valid, thanks to the illicit voter numbers.

In Conclusion

These three Constitutional Amendments are all meant specifically preserve and advance the existence of the Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen in the quest for “equal justice under the law” US citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens”.

If the President of the United States rebels against the edicts prescribed in the 1866 Civil Rights Act as it relates to the Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen, to stop all forms of illegal immigration, amnesties and Anchorism, followed by enforcement of its original, unfinished intentions, America will be lost and that by the Will of GOD.

However, should the President choose to humble himself and lead the nation in the fulfillment of the Act, then perhaps the GOD spoken of in the Declaration of Independence will spare the nation and show us an amicable resolution to the root causes of illegal immigration.


Ted Hayes



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