OPEN Letter:

To Senators Marco Rrubio and Charles Shumer

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan (CIRP)



Hey Folks, American Patriots,

Please visit Open Letter To Rubio-Schumer (+) to see my letters to the Hon. Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fl) and Charles Schumer, (D-NY) demanding and expecting that any Comprehensive Illegal or Legal Immigration Reform Plan must be considered with the fate of Black US Citizens, i.e., so called African-Amricans, Descendants of Chattel Slaves, Freemen an Survivors of the Jim Crow era of racist legislation against them.


Please peruse this document along with copies and letters to other elected individuals and entities – especially the Congressional Black Caucus followed by contacting me with any questions or editions, etc. at Ted@TedHayes.US or 424-222-6010.


For years, activist against the nation-destroying governmental policies and practices of un-Constitutional immigration have wondered about the conspicuous absence of consideration for the peoples upon whose ancestors backs this "nation of immigrants" was/is buit, as to how it will affect them.


It is universally accepted by advocacies, that while all American US citizens are negatively affected by the onslaughts of unlawful immigration, the Chattel Slave descendants receive the brunt of the devastation upon our nation.


Therefore, consistently, the cry goes forth, “Where are the descendants of the Chattel Slaves, et al?” in this matter of comprehensive, illegal immigration reform.


Well!  Here we finally are.  However, not to merely stand in a sidewalk protest line or participate in rallies, or join many of the worthy and noble efforts of Patriotic entities as a support mechanism, but rather ready and prepared to lead a most passionate, emotionally, spiritually, morally, Constitutionally legal “charge” against the anti-American forces “pimping”- using the plight of unlawful immigrants as another weapon to destroy our country.


The Plan and The Strategy

Please join our particular effort to not only stop the illegal immigration invasion and occupation in its’ track, but also undue much of the policies and subsequent damages of unlawful immigration, and perhaps, even cut it off at the source, which is in the native nations of the illegal aliens.


The Spearhead and the Shield of The Chattel Slaves Descendants

Aliening yourselves and resources in a partnership that is which is squarely behind us in this effort, will place our cause offensively as one that is of necessity congressionally, politically, economically, emotionally, spiritually-morally correct in which no illegal alien movement supporter will, nor be able to defend against.


Your ardent support in everyway possible way that GOD Blessed into your hands is direly needed at this propititious time.


Isn’t this what we have been waiting for?  “Where are the Blacks, the descendants of the Chattel Slaves in this issue?”  Well…We are here!


Then “Let’s Roll” and no longer be “rolled”, by getting on the offense of this issue that we are all so impassioned about, the sanctity of our beloved America.


Shortly, you will find listed at www.TedHayes.US instructions as what you may be able or willing to do in order to finally have the fate of Blacks at the Constitutional and moral front in defense of our nation from the alien invasion primarily from the south of our border.


Please join us by contacting me at Ted@TedHayes.US and/or 424-222-6010


Thank you for your time, consideration, cooperation and participation…


All of the Best of GOD to you and yours and HE has Blessed America…so what are we going to with?



Ted Hayes


Shalom in Jerusalem – Blessed Bethlehem


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