THURSDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 2008...5:38 PM

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

John McCain Agrees with Slavery Reparations To Blacks US Citizens
                        "Reparations.  I’ll give them that!  Why the hell not?"

BREAKING NEWS from What follows is a transcript of a tape purported to be an August 6, 2008 conversation between Arizona Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain and top campaign advisor, Joel Stiegel. The tape was provided by a confidential source who seems to have had access to an in-house intercom system at the McCain ranch in Cornville, Arizona.

The tape is expected to air in audio form Thursday evening on ABC News.

The confidential source of the digital recording claims not to have caused the intercom system to monitor Sen. McCain’s conversation–that instead what was recorded with a cell phone was what was naturally overheard, a broadcast that was evidently caused by an electrical short or perhaps a situation where the system was mistakenly left powered on.

                JM = [US Senator, John McCain, Presidential Candidate]

JS [Joel Stiegel, Deputy Campaign Administration Chief, MLC (McCain Leadership Committee.)]

JS: What’s that?

JM: Sam’s bone [refrc to JM's cocker spaniel, "Sam."] Yeah. He’s around back. Nobody cleans them up. Mary?

JS: Request from Pifferil [Jim Pifferil, Chairman House, Ways, Means,] we get ahead of the Urban Union in Detroit–get a few votes there might make a difference.

JM: Sure, sure. That’s okay by me. I don’t have a problem with doing what I’ve already done, Joel.

JS: Yeah, we’ve got [unintelligible.] We’ve got it covered there.

JM: What did I say? What–

JS: The [unintelligible]?

JM: No, no.

JS: God, no, Johnny. They’re gonna go for Obama in droves.

JM: Think? I thought Tavis Smiley might help a bit. (Laughs.) The Jesse Jackson thing flipped right back in our faces.

JS: That it did. You’re right, there. It’s an impossible job, trying to win an urban district share with this situation.

JM: Hell, and so it should be. Why would a Black voter in their right mind vote Republican? If Republicans had it their way back in the Sixties, Blacks wouldn’t even have the vote. (* I don’t understand him here.)

JS: But a few votes could make a difference in Michigan. We just give it to them what they want.

Reparations...I’ll give them that.

JS: Uh, sure. That’d probably make a dent in it.

JM: No, Joel. That’s just the thing. They don’t want reparations. They don’t even want a house. They want a car. And they mostly have achieved that. When’s the last time you heard Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton call for reparations?

JS: They’re not going to ask for something they can’t get.

JM: Well, I beg to differ, my friend. If done the right way, African America could win reparations for slavery. Why the hell not? But, no, not Jackson or Sharpton. Those guys are chuckleheads.

JS: [Unintelligible.]they were all...ergo...vis-à-vis...concordantly!!! and then there's me

JM: Really.
There isn’t one good reason why Blacks shouldn’t get reparations for slavery. Look at it. This is a simple case of theft. This is a private-property-loving country where a claim is a claim is a claim. There is no court in this nation can stop a man from collecting what’s he’s owed.

Slavery? Huh. Theft of property, theft of liberty, theft of livelihood, theft of real property.

Oh, boy. These people had generations of earning power stolen from them by this very government.

The nation was built on it. And when my father was a boy, they were deporting them.

Deportation. Know what that is? That’s when a bunch of your redneck neighbors come and run you off your own land, and then the county clerk changes the property deeds to say some White guy owns the place.

And lynchings? A man who has to live under threat of lynchings is no more free than a Jew living in Nazi Germany.

JS: Yes, I see that.

: Yeah, but people don’t think about that. And it didn’t stop until the Sixties. Still hasn’t stopped, some places. It is a very simple case, if you ask me.

So, what’s the obstacle? Go ahead, Joel. You’re a clever guy. What’s the obstacle to Blacks getting reparations from the

JS: I don’t know, Johnny. White people.

JM: Hell, no.
White people know perfectly well how Blacks have been screwed.

That’s why we’re facing the default candidate, and all we can do is try to prove he’s evil, cause no one’ll listen to what’s good about us.

You sell this reparations issue the right way, and you could get just as many White’s will vote for it as Blacks.

JS: (Laughs.) Oh, I don’t know about that.

JM: It’s leadership, Joel. People need to be led. Yeah, they’re against reparations, but their core belief has as much firmness to it as, say, their belief against gay marriage. A couple court rulings, and next thing you know gay people aren’t so bad. See how that goes?

You lead people–you say, “Hell, these people were thieved. We built a nation off their being thieved. Now, their descendants are rotting from this issue.”

JS: You could try this in San Antonio. [Unintelligible.]

JM: You don’t think so, eh? Take violence. There’s a guy studied family violence–which is the root of most criminal violence–
and he found in families descended from slavery violence is much higher. Because during slavery they whipped and beat and chained people.

They were like a bunch of wild animals–the slave-owners, the slaves, all of them. See, they followed up the family lines and found if you were descended from a slave or a slave-owner, you had the same incidence of family violence–and a very high incidence at that.

Now, there were less Whites than Blacks during slavery, and since then Blacks have essentially mixed mostly with other slave descendants, whereas the Whites mixed more with immigrants, so the numbers of those surviving people descended most purely from the slavery period is vastly mostly Blacks. they were all...ergo...vis-à-vis...concordantly!!! and then there's me

JS: And that’s why…

Blacks are so much more violent, per capita than Whites. It isn’t poverty or some kind of stupid genetic idea–it’s all culture. When I say culture I’m not talking about just violent movies–but, deep, deeply-ingrained impulses. You smack a 2-year-old kid for reaching for food across the dinner table and that [expletive deleted] him up for life.

They’re screwed.

This culture Blacks defend so strongly–the one they keep to show they’re not White. It’s White! Jewelry, guns, male-dominance, loud-mouthed caterwauling. You ever go to

JS: Kenya. For the summit.

JM: The sweetest, gentlest people on Earth. Of course until European guns and commerce were imported. But still, today, you go out on the savanna, and those people don’t even know how to make a fist. (Laughs.) It’s not funny, but these African American youngsters driving around acting like gangsters, they don’t know a thing about Africa. They think it’s full of Zulu warriors or some other Hollywood fantasy.

In fact, they’re acting out roles and culture taught them by the very people who destroyed their original culture–people who raped their mothers and whipped their fathers into servile submission.

No, if Black people had a clue, they could accomplish loads.  If they had a leader.

JS: [Unintelligible] Obama?

JM: He’s a senator of all the people of Illinois, Joel. He’ll help the Blacks up, but he’s not going to lead them to demand their 40 acres. And they won’t ask on their own, because as we both know people are submissive–even angry, screwed people.

Hell, in Australia, the President is nearly in tears giving a speech begging for forgiveness from the aborigines. These American Blacks are just sitting here wagging their tails. You see? People must have a leader.

That’s why they killed King. For God’s sake, he wasn’t leading a jackass Nation of Islam Black Man’s March when they killed him. Do you know what he was organizing when they killed him?

JS: Yes I do. A poor people’s march.

JM: That’s right, brother. The “Poor People’s March on Washington.” He wanted reparations for all poor people, not just Black men. There is a difference between insulting and dangerous. King was dangerous.

Never was spit dangerous about Farrakhan or Malcolm X for that matter. Blacks love them because they expressed anger at Whites–that’s what they want: emotional expression, not 40 acres.

It is no accident King never lived to the summer of 1968, when that march was scheduled. No accident, chum.

JS: But, legally there’s no room for reparations. The statute of limitations.

Did anybody ask what legal basis there was for Bush to be sending multi-million dollar checks to the families of 9/11 victims? Or, what’s the legal basis for giving 25 billion to Fannie and Freddy Mac? Bear Stearns? This sub-prime bailout?

There is none at all. But, hell, at least with slavery reparations you’ve got a simple case of thievery and loss–great, generational loss.

And that statute of limitations? What are you talking about? When were they supposed to get their money? At the end of slavery? Are you kidding? Or at the turn of the century when the KKK was more popular than the Boy Scouts? No, sir. Or maybe at the end of the Sixties, not yet 40 years ago? If after 400 years of being victimized that 40 years makes them unreasonably late, I’m never coming to your house for dinner. [Both laugh.]

JS: But I know what you’re saying. I could never get behind it, though. [Both laugh.}

JM: You know, Joel, I'm a politician. Sometimes a politician has to speak his mind. Now, let's get real. You know if we want a Michigan win there is no worse strategy than wasting time talking about Detroit.

JS: Yeah, well, this [unintelligible] like it’s like so gratifying just to consider. All the what-ifs.


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