The Obama Reparations NOW –

Promissory Note


Open Letter To: American United States Immigrants

of All Ethno-Racial and Religious Peoples of All National Origins Who Have Gained US Citizenship

" is enjoyed by White citizens..." according to the 14th Amendment Section 1



The Los Angeles Reparations NOW Coalition

PO Box 17579, Los Angeles, CA., 90017



Greetings, American Immigrant US Citizen,

The Los Angeles Obama Reparations - Promissory Note Coalition committee is requesting that you would enjoin your families, friends, associates and peoples with us emancipated slave, American Black citizens in signing the Petition that will help to inspire the necessary remedy for the Healing of Americas' slavery wounds, including racist legislation.


Regardless of your race, color, ethnicity, religion or national origin, as Immigrants who have gained US citizenship " is enjoyed by White Citizens...", that is, "equal justice under the law", according to the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, it is righteous for you to expect the First African American, son of the slaves, “Black” US President, Executively Order the implement Reparations NOW i.e. the Promissory Note– for the Healing of America’s slavery wounds, anti-Black legislation, terrorism and the continuing genocidal holocaust upon us.


From its inception, you an/or your immigrants ancestors and fore parents came to America willingly, whereas, our West African Black progenitors were brought here against their will, bound and shackled in chains!  Immigrants came for commercial enterprise, whereas Blacks were brought into the Jurisdiction of the United States as a commodity for such.   


Therefore, much gratitude is owed to Blacks, for it is upon our bloody backs that immigrants from the world over are able to come the America, including the father of  President Obama, that is, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. who was an East African Kenyan student visiting the United States and not even an immigrant as you rightly are.


Having a background more qualified than that of Mr. Obama, you as an American US Immigrants citizen can now courageously and morally Constitutionally demand him “with the urgency of NOW”, to execute the Presidential Order to keep America’s Promise to the children of the emancipated Black slaves, that GOD May Heal America.


However, in his infamous August 28,1963 "I Have A Dream" Speech, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., America's foremost spiritual-social prophet (whom this country honors with a National Holidays as the only non-US President or non-landmark event institution) warns "We the People"  that if the Promissory Note, i.e. Reparation is not dutifully transacted to the descendants of the slaves who made it possible for immigrants to come to the United States, the nation will have "...a rude awakening..."


Dr. King says, "Those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights."


As legitimate immigrants (either of recent first generations or of those dating back through to Plymouth and Jamestown) with full US citizenship privileges, duties and responsibilities "as is enjoyed by White citizens", you have now become one-married with Blacks and all other Americans in collective, generational solidarity with everything that is good and bad about our beloved America.


Dr. King is certainly correct, when he also sites that all American citizens are as one conjoined twin with us emancipated Black slaves when he bellowed the clarion statement...


 "...our White brothers...have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom."


Essentially, if American you White citizens die, we Blacks die with you.  If we American Black emancipated slave citizens die, you White immigrant Americans citizens die with us.  As conjoined twins, we share the same internal "vital" organs. We are you, you are us.


Therefore, if American Black emancipated slave citizens perish due to the failure America's leaders to properly transact the Promissory Note for Repairing the slave wound (which is the Dream of the Founding Fathers), that particular freedom for which immigrants came and do come to this Land of the Free, would be lost and your sufferings as immigrants from you native home to this nation would be in vain, because America herself will too be dead with us all.


On August 28,1963 (45 years ago), Dr. King then proclaimed that it was the time to transact the Promissory Note of the late President, Abraham Lincoln ,wherein he says “now is the time” and “the fierce urgency of now”. 


The words ("just words?!?) that the clever Mr. Obama used to finagle himself in the historical role of First African American Commander in Chief of the United Stated Military.


Ironically, on numerous occasions during his campaign for the Presidency, the wily Mr. Obama abused other sacred words belonging to the Legacy of the descendants of the West African slaves, such as; “This is our moment.  This is our time” that is, for Americans to make him President of the USA.


Essentially, the honorable new leader said, “Make me the First Black, African American, son of the slaves US President, I will heal your nation and make it anew and Changed.”


While, Mr. Obama is President of all of American Immigrants and Emancipated slaves, he nevertheless is also the accepted leader of Black peoples’ and now perhaps our final hope to take us into the “land” of America as Promised of the 1866 Congressional Note for Reparations, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, whom he vigorously seeks to emulate.


The Los Angeles Reparation NOW coalition is calling upon all Americans to demand the “immigrant” President of “the nation of immigrants” to act as a credibility co-signer with Lincoln, the Founding Fathers and enforcer of the Reparations “the check” which he can also “cash” by ordering its implementation.  Why not?!?


As former Republican Senator, the Hon. John McCain says,

"Reparations. I’ll give them that...If done the right way, African America could win reparations for slavery. Why the hell not?...There isn’t one good reason why Blacks shouldn’t get reparations for slavery. Look at it. This is a simple case of theft. This is a private-property-loving country where a claim is a claim is a claim. There is no court in this nation can stop a man from collecting what’s he’s owed.

Slavery? Huh. Theft of property, theft of liberty, theft of livelihood, theft of real property.

Oh, boy. These people had generations of earning power stolen from them by this very government".

Therefore, in order to ensure that the Obama endorsed “check” of Reparations – Promissory Note does not come back this time “…marked insufficient funds...", it is imperative that immigrants press the President as an emancipated slave US citizen to do his utmost to defend the Legacies of our ancestors thereby safeguarding the future of our descendants and the "sacred" sanctity of the American Dream of our Founding Fathers.


Finally, those of you have recently gained United States citizenship " is enjoyed by White citizens..." no doubt are not versed on the foundational history of our beloved country, most particularly of this ongoing issue around the enslavement, emancipation and citizenry of the Blacks in America.


I ask that you to please patiently seek understanding of this matter and that you and your family and friends would sign the Obama Reparations NOW - Promissory Note Petition for the sake of the generations after us.


For clarity, please contact me at Ted@TedHayes.US or call 424-222-6010.


Thank you American immigrants for your cooperation and participation in this epic and crucial matter!



Ted Hayes

The Last Civil Rights Activist

Co-coordinator of LA Reparations NOW Coalition


Shalom in Jerusalem

“In Memory of Our Ancestors, In Defense of Our Children”



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