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Emancipated, Chattel Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen, Refugees, and


'"White Citizens" Part I

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“…as is enjoyed by White citizens”

According To The Edicts of The 14th Amendment of the

1866 Civil Rights Act of the US Constitution

The term, Emancipated Chattel Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen, Refugees are what I define as the West African, Americanized slaves and their children or descendants, who were freed from the bondage of the peculiar chattel slave institution of the nation first by the Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation, followed by the Northern States victory over those of the Southern Confederacy, and its Constitutional legislation of the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendment and the 1866 Civil Rights Act.

It was/is the legislation of the 14th Amendment which technically granted citizenship to the freed Slaves who happens to Black, Colored, etc. 

The term, "emancipated, freed Chattel Slaves" is in no way meant to cause discomfort or trepidations in White Americans, but rather simply identifying the actual state of affairs of those who were liberated from slavery as well as their descendants living today in the United States. 

Though according to the edicts of the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866, technically, "on paper", Black West African Americans are indeed US citizens, but for whatever reasons be it by their our own undoing or caused by someone else, factually and practically, they as a people are not reaping Constitutional benefits on the same equitable levels as the willing "White citizens".

While being all kinds of identifying names for us ranging from Africans, Niggras, Niggers, Negro (* Spanish-Latin terms), Colored, Afro-American, Black, African American, et al, the name "Emancipated, Chattel Slaves, Freedmen, Refugees, et al" is a terminology that finally removes race and color out of the discussion, thereby making the matters of Civil Rights one of experience and Constitutional Law and spiritual-moral rectitude...not skin color or racial features and/or characteristics.

Therefore, any and all groups, individuals, policies, laws, customs that insist that thers is a Civil Rights plight equated to the experience of so-called Black Americans, etc., are simply Constitutionally unqualified because they don't not descent from the chattel slavery.

Everyone in the United States, except for the descendants of Freemen, certain Indigenous Peoples (Indians), and the few irish, are not descendants of the American Chattel Slaves, are of the "White citizens" designation of the Constitution.

The term "White Citizens" is not a racist or racial pejorative or affront to US citizens who happen to be of Euro-American White-Caucasian, but rather simply one of Constitutional distinction. 

"White Citizens" is the correct Constitutional name or identity of all American Citizen immigrants, that is, folks primarily from Caucasian (White) European countries who willingly emigrated to the USA , particularly from England and British Isles, later followed by others of continental Europe are the “White citizens” who legally enjoy the fruits of American Independence and Freedom to exercise core conservative values.  See 1866 Civil Rights Act, Section 1 and follow the links.

Even Black African Willng Immigrants Are "White Citizens"

Actually, "White citizens" is a term for any and all willing immigrants beginning from James Town, Virginia to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts are of that classification.   Such distinction holds true beyond skin color, racial features, or even national origin and ethnicity. 

In fact, Yellow Asians, Brown East Indians, or even Black Africans are "White citizens" based on the naturalization laws for immigration into the United States of America.  Apparently, "White citizens" simply means Americans who are enjoying all the being willing US citizens, because it was/is their sacred quest.  

It has nearly nothing to do with skin color, race, or ethno-racial characteristics and nationalities.

The slaves brought to this "land of the free", where the tired, poor, huddle masses yearning to breathe free, were not willing US citizens.  As odd as it my sound, these particular folks from Africa had no desire to become citizens of the United States.

Unlike the immigrants who in their native countries were dreaming of coming to America, the slaves originally captured in Africa by Africans and Arab Muslims, were not but rather their own type of freedom in their own lands.

 Such a state was a result of being under the jurisdiction of the United States since 1776, when they were inherited from the British Empire...not having a choice in the matter.

However, it is to be noted the the Freemen who were not slaves as the "Freedmen", did have a choice in matter of citizenship, even as the White European willing immigrants.

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