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       (A Brief Study)         

American Black US Citizens

    Emancipated Slaves“This Act”

         (For The Sons and Daughters of Enslaved West Africans)


Basic-Foundational Articles of Birth and National Identity Rights

Entitle Us Blacks Only (*not willing immigrants), To Special Citizenship Rights and Protections Under the Jurisdiction of the US Constitution


The Heart and Soul of Black Folks, the National Treasure


1. “This Act” is Full US citizenship for the emancipated “…as is enjoyed by White citizens…” CR 1866 Section 1


2. Penalties for anyone, especially in government and who has taken the 14th Amendment Oath of Office and violates “…this Act”

     CR 1866 Section 2 and14th Amend. Section 3

          * The 1866 Civil Rights Act, Section 1

          * The 14th Amendment, Section 1 (Read them…)


3. District - Circuit Courts made “cognizant” of any violations against “this Act” CR 1866 Section 3


4. Enforcers of “This Act” CR 1866 Section 4

          * District Attorneys;

          * Marshals and Deputy Marshals;The Obama Reparations NOW- Promissory Note Petition Drive  INTRODUCTION

          * Circuit Court Commissioners;

          * The Freedmen’s Bureau;

          * US Military

> Marshals and/or Special Presidential envoy by circuit (commission) have  

   authority to call upon US Military, et al

          **** Special Presidential envoys, note: Section 9


Special Powers of the President To Enforce “This Act”

     CR 1866 Sections 5, 6, 7

          - Orders judges (courts), marshals and District Attorney into fray

          -  US Military note: Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy

      CR 1866 Sections 8, 9


Special Powers of the US Supreme Court To Defend “This Act”

    CR Section 10

-         After all previous aides have failed, Emancipate Slaves can appeal to

     the Court.


REMEMBER: “Out Struggle Is Constitutional,,, and It Is Moral”