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Obama Reparations NOW

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The National Reparations NOW Coalition

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Granted, the issue of Reparations - whatever it may or may not mean to you, is very sensitive, yet growing global discussion that all of humanity must have and not just one between White and Black "We The People of the United States" regarding the long, strange, and interesting "love-hate" relationship with each other.


For us Americans, who have the only capability and experience to lead all peoples of  earth into a tranquil inter ethno-racial relationship,


We American must be the first to know and understand the integral matters of Healing nations-peoples "today" from what our ancestors wounded "yesterday", that our descendants "tomorrow" will be spared the pains of the past. This is our reasonable duty.  (* more on this particular matter later)


The universal law or precept of Reparations is not for guilt-tripping others, nor is it a vengeance weapon, (*woe and shame on whoever utilizes such a holy admonishing in such a way), but rather, it is the key to medicine for Healing the nations.


Therefore, you are humbly asked to be patient and please pursue understanding in this matter for sake of our children, our nation and the peoples of the world.



This internet site is designed to assist the efforts of gathering signatures throughout the United States of America beginning in Los Angeles.


It is the objective of the Los Angeles Reparations NOW - Promissory Note Coalition to persuade the 44th President of the United States of America to initiate the Reparations Peace Process for the children of the enslaved Americanized West African Americans according to the Constitution.


With your participation, we intend to collect 36,000,000 signatures from American citizens both Black-Emancipated Slaves or Non-Immigrants, and non-Black Americans - Immigrants (* of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, et al).


The number of 36,000,000 represents or generally signifies the national population of American Black US citizens, the descendants of the exiled from Africa, West African chattel slaves.


The issue of Reparations takes on an unprecedented and special significance since the United States has what Americans call the First African American, Black, "Son of the slaves" President, or more accurately, the First East African - Kenyan American, child of an visa student father and not even an immigrant.


Yet, due to the dark hue of his skin, American citizens, especially those who are Black have "adopted" the Hon. President Barack Hussein Obama as a "son of the West African unwilling-immigrant slaves"...of which he is not.


Ironically, Mr. Obama unabashedly wraps himself in the mantel of the late President Abraham Lincoln, our nations' champion emancipator and grantor of full citizenship to emancipated slaves "...as enjoyed by White citizens...", yet, he pays no attention to the children of West African slaves.


While all other demographic groups nationally and internationally, are knocking on his White House "door" demanding that the President keep his pandering promises as a candidate for the most powerful elective office on earth, including Kenyans, it behooves Mr. Obama to successfully transact the Promissory Note to American Black US citizens first and foremost, thereby completing the unfinished business of the Civil Rights Acts i.e. Reparations - The Lincoln - Congressional Promissory Note.


In these pages you will find enlightening content that will put into proper context of what the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks and warns about in his infamous “I Have A Dream” speech which is the “rude awakening” role of Reparations in the progressive multicultural, New and CHANGED America” of President Barack Hussein Obama.


These 36,000,000 Obama Reparations NOW signatures from all American citizens - both immigrant and slave based, will serve as a tool to admonish, motivate, encourage and persuade the First East African-Kenyan US President to make good the Promise to enslaved West Africans and their children by Lincoln on behalf of the Founding Fathers and their sacred Dream of freedom and justice for all.


Thank you kindly for participating in this noble effort by taking the time to study this matter closely and acting upon what you learn. 


Please, until you are clear, it asked that you refrain from signing this petition.


Thank you very much for your time, consideration, cooperation and participation in this epic venture.


Listed are the links that will guide you around to this pertinent information:

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(44th President of the United States)


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Petition I American "Black" US Citizens / Non-Immigrant

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The US Constitutional Promissory Note –


* The Preliminary Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation

September 22,1863


* The Lincoln Gettysburg Address

November 17,1863


* President Abraham Lincoln January 1,1863 Emancipation Proclamation

This Special Presidential Order - Edict Pronounced All Slaves Free From Any States and/or Territories Which Rebelled Against The Union of The United States of America


* Emancipation Proclamation Background

This Document Presents The Historical and Chronological Order To

The Emancipation Proclamation


The 1866 Civil Rights Act

*  Civil Rights of 1866 (Short Version)


* The Civil Rights Act of 1866 – Edited


* The Civil Rights of 1866 – Un-edited



Reparations or New-Reconstruction or Unfinished Business

of the 1866 Civil Rights Acts

The Three Great Amendments

The 13th, 14th 15th Amendments

(Ended Slavery, Citizenized the Emancipated Slaves and Authorized Electoral Power)

" This Act " of 1866

A Brief Study On The Act That Ensures Emancipated Slaves Citizenship "...as is enjoyed by White citizens..."


The Great Dream and Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I Have A Dream” Speech 1963 - Edited

      “I Have A Dream” Speech 1963 - Unedited


"I See The Promised Land" Speech 1968 - Unedited

(Dr. King's Last Speech April 3,1968 Before He Was Assassinated On April 4Th)


GOD Is The Author of Reparations

(A Brief Biblical Study On The Precepts of Reparations)



Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!

John McCain On Reparations

"Reparations. I’ll give them that....Why the hell not?"




Lincoln, King, Obama and The Promissory Note


Obama: Theft of the 14th Amendment

Civil Rights Legacies


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