“Front Street” Publications
Or “Whassup wit Ted?”
"This is Front Street!"
LINK TO: Ted's Correspondence With Los Angeles County Sheriff, Leroy Baca


Dome Village

Welcome to Front Street!

For you to get a better grasp or understanding of what it is that I am “Saying” and strategizing around the focal point of my particular activism, which is homelessness…I invite you to "listen" in on certain of my de-classified correspondence with various government, and corporate figures and entities via this “Front Street” publication.  

Of course, by studying my proposal for a
National Homeless Plan (i.e. "DOMESTIC Marshal Plan or --the  EGIIP) you will get a more detailed education. 

In coming to Front Street, utilizing the EGIIP will serve as a "key" to understanding and appreciating the correspondence materials. 

Through Front Street it is my intent to expose and educate you to the issues in and around homelessness, which by the way is, the ultimate statement of poverty and what has gone wrong in the center of society.

Perhaps, through the inspirations of this medium, you will discover a way to utilize certain aspects of your resources to assist me and my fellow workers of Justiceville/Homeless, USA, in the great, but dutiful cause of eradicating homelessness, etc. in the United States of America!

* In fact,
a good project "task" for someone to take on that would be of immense help, is to organize a work shop at the Dome Village or elsewhere,that I may "walk" those of you who are interested into a deeper understanding of homelessness and our ultimate objective to resolve it.

* If you are interested
in this action, please contact me at TedHayes@tedhayes.us/domevillage or call us at 213-892-9011.

In doing so here, resolving homelessness in our beloved nation, we will become the model for all nations of the earth to emulate, resulting in them “beating their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; and nations shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore”.

You will notice, in my discourse, despite to whom I may be addressing myself, that the under current theme is the ending of homelessness in the United States within a five to ten year period. 

If not ending homelessness per se’, at least we can raise the quality of life for the folks at the bottom of the world, from one of slow, cruel languishing death, to that of life fully abundant, enjoyed and just.

You will also find that I have a certain antagonism towards two groups supposedly champions of the poor, homeless and oppressed, they are:
*  the homeless activist and advocates themselves;
    *  the African American “Usual Suspects” leaders.

The “experts”, that is, the homelessness advocates and activists are the dictators of the policies around all poverty related issues.

I have come to believe and understand that they have and are practicing a deliberate failed policy to which is their exact agenda…failure. 

These activists and advocates are driving young and unsuspecting “would-be activist/advocate to undermine the dream of our nations founding fathers…that America would someday rise to be a “shining city on a hill” for other nations to do likewise.

Here is the “kicker in the head”: It is a fact, that 99.99 % of these activists are upper middle class, White, college professors who are politically democrats, philosophically Socialist, and some are card carrying communist.  No wonder the situation is what it is!

At this time, I won’t even comment on the African American “Usual Suspects” leaders and these “Big Time” preachers, etc.  I think everybody is finally getting hip to these people.

Any way, I will be covering a lot issues that you can learn about, but focused however, around homelessness.

Thank you very much for walking with me up and down “Front Street”.

Ted Hayes
Global Homeless Activist