The People's Homeless Commission
The mission of the People's Homeless Commission (PHC) is to investigate homelessness in order to find possible solutions to abolish homelessness once and for all.

Homelessness affects the  very core of our society.  The mere idea that widespread homelessness exists in such a wealthy and ingenuous country as the United States is an aberration.  If we can send a man to the moon in ten years, if we can send rovers to Mars, if we can ship 150,000 soldiers to a far off foreign country, remove a dictator and rebuild that country, we can surely end homelessness once and for all in the United States.

Homelessness is deep and complex. The People's Homeless Commission, seeing that both public and private entities have been unable to solve the problem of homeless, will take it upon itself to organize a public hearing, to be chaired by regular everyday citizens, who would call on experts in their  fields to testify about the various facets of homelessness and come up  with finding and recommendations on how our society as a whole can abolish  homelessness.
A Call to Join
The Peoples Homeless Commission