Illegal Alien Immigration Invasion and Slave-Civil Rights

the  Two  Struggles


Are  Not  The  Same

    They Can’t Have The Black “Mantle”.  It Belongs To our enslaved ancestors, emancipated fore parents and parent.

        A Most Unique American Treasure Experience That Is Ours

My Dear American Black US Citizens,

Children, sons and daughters of the enslaved and exiled out of Africa, West African Americanized chattel slaves, please hear my humble appeal to you as the guardians of a great and unique legacy in all of human history.


The people and government of the nation that we love and know as our only earthly home, are in another trying moment of this their too beloved United States of America.


Three Great Identity Crisis

There are three high point trials for the identity of America's existence as the United States:

* the first trial being that of it's July 4,1776 birth, followed by the War of Independence from the British Empire

   by which the USA inherited the African "slave curse" upon itself; See The Inherited Slavery (+)


* the second being the Civil War proceeded by the nations' argument over the Constitutional validity of the

  peculiar institution of chattel slavery;


* and now the third and most challenging trial, is the non-military civilian citizens' war against the invasion of

   foreign nationals, i.e., civilian citizens primarily from the United Mexican States.  (These folks are formally

   known by the US federal government as illegal aliens – not a derogatory term.)


The Black Mantle

This civilian citizens invasion led those of Mexico is attempting to take what I am terming the Black “Mantle” Civil Rights Legacy upon themselves despite the fact that those for whom it was wrought have not yet completed their own quest in the United States for full “equal justice under the law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by * White citizens”. (* "White citizen" is not a pejorative, but rather the official Constitutional term for all naturalized immigrants) see Meaning of White Citizens and Emancipated Slave Part 1 (+)


Constitutional Mandate

The Black “Mantle” objective is mandated in the US Constitution according the edicts of the 14th Amendment as dictated by the original Congressional Civil Rights Act of 1866, upon which the succeeding Acts have their foundations, including that of the famed 1964. 


There are only three groupings of peoples spoken of in the US Constitution and they are Indians, “White citizens” and Emancipated Slaves, who happen to be “colored”- Black folks, as we know them from West Africa.


However, it is only the Emancipated Slaves and not other peoples who have warranted the need for Congressional to legislate the 13th, especially 14th and 15th Constitutional Amendments which are the pivotal and focal points of the Founding Fathers American Dream.  See The Great Triple Amendments of Mercy (+)


Sharpton Pimping Again

In the name of American Black US citizens, individuals such as New York City social pimp, the Reverend Al Sharpton,  is seeking to slip the Black “Mantle” off our beleaguered shoulders and place it upon those of  folks breaking into our homeland with the presumption of the Civil Rights Legacy as they accuse White Americans standing against illegal immigration, as racist in the same light as those who enforced Jim Crow – anti-Black, Black Codes of racial segregation upon us.


Al Sharpton is taking upon himself to usurp authority to licensing citizens of foreign countries equate their willful breaking of international law with our Civil Rights Legacy to plunder the nations resources.  This shame!


In fact, Mr. Sharpton and before him, Mr.  Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, along with other African American intelligencia including prominent clergy persons as well as the Hon. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, have proclaimed to illegal aliens that their “struggle is our struggle”.


These African American leaders claim that the woes of illegal immigration as being on an equal par with chattel slavery, the Transatlantic Middle Passage, legislated racism and Civil Rights struggle in America, etc.


What “struggle”?  The one that is systematically ethno-racially cleansing Blacks out of the bounties of America by the forces of illegal aliens who happens to be of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity and primarily of United Mexican States nationality?


Ethno-Racial Cleansing

The neighborhoods in Los Angeles and throughout the nation that were once primarily those of American Black US citizens have been taken over by Spanish speaking citizens of foreign nations illegally within ours without official permission from the proper federal authorities, hence, ethno-racial cleansing of Blacks.


While the ethno-racial cleansing process bereft Blacks of gainful employment and business proprietorship, housing, healthcare, education, social and political concourse, government (elected and appointed, including law enforcement), and even religion, etc, the gravest threat to us is the theft of the Emancipated Slaves National Birth and Identity Rights, embodied in the Black “Mantle” of the Civil Rights Legacy, Heritages and Inheritances.


Given the devastating losses that we have already suffered, to loose our Black “Mantle” to anyone, not just Hispanic/Latino illegal aliens, but anyone or thing, would be the grave loss of our national heart and soul, which would be the end of the Founding Fathers American Dream.


"Brown" Reconquistas  or Re-Conquerors

Based on the claims of Hispanic/Latino rhetoric such as the race-baiting entity called the * La Raza  race “Civil Rights” movement to take over America via the re-conquering of the five US southwest states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado et al, which they say was land stolen from Mexico by the United States via the First Mexican American War of 1846-1848. See Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 (+) Full Text of Treaty (+)


Beginning with the vulnerable urban centers, i.e. Black neighborhoods, the * La Raza race has initiated a “house by house, block by block, community by community, state by state strategy to "retake" those states and eventually the whole of the nation.


(* La Raza - For their race, everything.  For other races nothing)


Essentially, it is the second Mexican American War being presently waged by the forces of civilian citizens of both sides, which of course is engulfing Hispanic/Latino nations of Central America, who apparently want no part of the conflict as do Mexicans elements.


In an apparent disdain with or worship of what he recognizes as the proverbial “White man” of the United States, the arch enemy of all colored peoples based on America’s treatment of Blacks with the imposition of chattel slavery, Jim Crow- White supremacist antics such as; racist legislation enforcement, the creation of the KKK, lynching, “Nigger-calling” and so forth, Al Sharpton has chosen to abandon his own peoples struggles to side with a massive number pseudo “Brown” neo racial minority-majority.


Hispanic/Latino: Not A "Brown" Race

Ironically, while Sharpton and company are trying to bamboozle Blacks into being "skin" coverage for the invasion of our own land under the guise of a “Brown” race, the US federal government designates them as an ethnicity and not a distinct race as Negro, Negroid (*Spanish) African America, Black, et al., or Emancipated Slave classes.


In fact, their birth certificate classifies Hispanic/Latino as Caucasian, being Euro-based White, with some being of Central American Indio.


Nevertheless, whether purposefully for whatever reasons (*fame and money?), or inadvertently, by slipping the Black “Mantle” off of our shoulders onto that of illegal aliens posing as an oppressed “colored” people to pimp it as an emotional-race weapon against US citizens in order to accomplish their sinister objective, Mr. Sharpton is about to drive the finishing or final ugly solution blow to the heart of this “New Nation”, which is the end of the Black Emancipated Slaves in America.


Please, Don't Give, Nor Sell Away Our Black "Mantle" 

Therefore, let me admonish you, that even if you do support illegal immigration, amnesties and/or anchor-ism, that is fine, only please don not allow folks like Sharpton to give the sacred Civil Rights Legacy of our ancestors, fore parents, and parents away to those who don’t warrant it.


Remember the Hispanic/Latino “Brown” illegal immigrants willingly came within the borders of the United States.  Blacks came unwillingly as chattel slaves in shackle and chains packed like canned sardines in the hull of hot, humid, stinking and filthy with human excrement, noisy, wooden sail ships, etc.


Remember fabricated sufferings, as that of the Hispanic/Latino illegal immigrants are not to be equated with the "trail of bones" of our ancestors from the interiors of West Africa to the oceanfront, hot, humid, overcrowded, filthy slave holding forts.


Remember the foul dark and dank slave holding forts where our ancestors were piled into awaiting their transference to the wooden ships for the long arduous journey across the Atlantic of the Middle Passage of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


Rememberthe auction blocks where are confused, dazed and frightened, hapless ancestors were sold like animals to British subjects and eventually US “White citizens”


Remember the numerous whippings across the backs of our ancestors, the beatings and even senseless murders of those who came before us.


Remember the slave quarters.  Nobody cared what went on in the slave quarters.


Remember after the Civil and War of Emancipation in 1865, Emancipated fore parents suffered under the scourge of racist segregationist race legislation that lasted until 1964.


Remember the lynching, going to war for America and returning to more racist abuse, the assassination, Remember, Remember, Remember, lest we forget like Al Sharpton who equates his gaining fame and money with our Civil Rights Black “Mantle” Legacy.


While we recognize the sufferings of our Campancinos and Companeros (* schoolmates in the struggle) in their homeland as citizens and now within the United States as illegal aliens, theirs is not to be equated with that of the Emancipate Slaves.  Never!  The two struggles are not the same.


Let's not allow our beloved Black “Mantle” be pimped as a cushioning pad for the “bruises” of a people who violated another nation’s sovereignty while stealing our identity and the legacy of greater affliction. 

Let that “Mantle” be applied to our near fatal bleeding wound first.


If you support illegal immigration etc, please tell your pseudo neo “Brown” brethren to not listen to Sharpton about our Legacy and find another fool-tool, or weapon to utilize in their “worthwhile” struggle…school mate.


On the other hand, if you resonate with this message, please contact me and join our American Civil Citizens Army of the Border (ACCAB)


Phone 424-222-6010 Ted@TedHayes.US and visit www.TedHayes.US and/or click onto


Thank you for your time and consideration,


All the Best of GOD to you and yours,


Ted Hayes

New America Civil Rights Activist


Shalom in Jerusalem – Blessed Bethlehem


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