"We The People of The United States of America"

Inherited The Chattel Slavery Institution

From The British Empire


"We Did Not Start It"

"But We Will Finish It"



Born With A Birth Defect, "We The People of the United States of America" Suffer An Unhealed, Potentially Fatal Wound of a Slavery Intitution That Americans Did Not Create nor Initiate. 


These United States Inherited The Peculiar Institution In 1776 From The Anglican British Empire, As Did Other European Nations such as Portugal and Spain Armed With The Advocacy of the Roman Catholic Church Purchased Into the Industry Already A Custom Initiated Propogated By Certain Geo-Political Leaders of Certain Nations, Tribes, Clans, As Well As Arab Muslim Slave Traders and Other Nefarious Individuals Involved In Western Africa's Various Trans African Slave Trades. 


Therefore, Contrary To Popular Belief and In All Honesty, The Slavery "Wound" per se. Was Not Committed By European, Britians, Nor Americans, But Rather the "sword of insanity" Struck Its Originally Blow and Subsequently Perpetrated In West Africa Itself Where The Practice Was Custom and Pandemic As It Was/Is Throughout The African Continent and Other Parts of The Old world.


That The Proverbial “White Man” or the Government of The United States Enslaved The Black Man of West African Is A *Canard and/or Lying Myth Which Has Led To The Present Day “One-Way” Lecture by Certain Blacks Chiding Whites On Race or Racism, Even Jacketing the Former As “Sick” Racist.


Evidentially, Such A "One-Way" Lecture and Accusation Process Has Not Reaped Any General or Broad Sweeping Improvements For American Black US Citizens, i.e. Emancipated Slaves, But Rather It Has Stimulated The Ancient Self-Destructive Manifestations of A Peoples' In Denial of One (1) Fundamental Truth of Trans  Atlantic Slave Trade History Into The United States Today.


It Is My Belief, That White (Caucasian) European-American US Citizens Would More Readily Embrace The Collective, Generational Solidarity Responsibility For Their Ancestors Role In The Slave Trade As We Blacks Finally Begin To Openly and Honestly Assume That Which Is Ours As Well.


Let The "Two-Way" Conversation Begin Now......


* Canard is an unfounded or false, deliberately misleading story.


West African Practice(d) Ethni-cism or Ethno-Bias, and/or Tribalism or Divine Right of Dominance or Manifest Destiny



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