American intellectuals and scholars, especially experts in the histories of Africa and the United States know that institutional slavery was a pandemic custom of West African peoples.


The Canard of Slavery Against White Peoples

(As Drafted by Ted  Hayes November 2009)


Any lay person who can read with a modicum of comprehension knows that the African slave trades were perpetrated by national, tribal and clan leaders along with Arab and Black Muslims for hundreds of years before Christian and Judeo White European slavers began their Tans Atlantic Slave Business.


Yet, denying the tyrannical rule of Africans, certain scholars have fabricated the racial canard that the preponderance of the peculiar, American institution of chattel slavery rests solely with Whites.


Scholars imply that the African Slave Trades were almost congenial by both master and slave, being in stark contrast to the notorious “Middle Passage” voyage and the subsequent institution within United States jurisdiction.


It is insinuated that the enslavement of Blacks began on American auction blocks, when in fact their bondage began in West Africa.


Along with the canard of White man enslaving the Black is the claim that the merchants were ignorant to the treatment of slaves, otherwise they would not have traded their human merchandize over to chattel slavery.


Scholars contend that “If the brothers, i.e. the kings, chieftains, clan elders, Muslim merchants, et al, would have known what they were selling their brothers into, they would have refrained”.


Such rationale is untrue and irrelevant due to the following:

  • West African leaders sought the powers that Europeans and Americans provided them through such commodities as weapons, rum etc. which was craved by the latter;
  • Also, many Black West African leaders protested the British and other conscientious European White government when it and they finally began to outlaw the trade and aggressively put halt to their merchants participating the anti-GOD practice.
  • After hundreds of years of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (s), it was practically impossible for the sellers to be ignorant of their commodity’s destiny;

> There is evidence that the slavers did indeed know what they were doing.


> It is unfathomable to think that the “brothers” never inquired about their “brothers”.


> The sellers knew treatment of slaves in the coastal slave forts, the “trails of bones” by which the slavers marched their captured “brothers” to the coast, as well as the raids upon villages and towns where elderly, disabled, even children were massacred.


  • Color was not an issue, because both the slaves and their captor-masters were Black and considered each other mortal enemies opting to do business the White strangers. So much for Pan-African Black unity!


              > Obviously, racism in the slave trades was an anomaly in that all those participating in it were  

                 Black peoples and Arab Muslims.


African American scholars insist total innocence on the part of ancient Blacks in the Trans Atlantic Chattel Trade, thereby making Whites the absolute villainous victimizer of “innocent” peoples.


Even if the leaders did not know, they remain responsible for their lack compassion therefore and therefore are accountable and culpable for their actions.


Such awareness of the African Slave Trades doesn’t exonerate the roles of White Europe nor colonial America or United States, but actually magnifies them.


The American institution was without question cruel as is slavery, through all civilizations, and no doubt, no other peoples in human history experienced the long nightmare journey of West African Slaves in hull of wooden slave ships during the “Middle Passage”


Even so, the West African ancestors have no excuse for their crime against humanity, which is something that their descendants must today of necessity embrace even as we have demand that Whites accept their culpability.


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