The Erroneous Images

of the Origin of Chattel Slavery in the United States


At the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Table of Brotherhood”, each American White and Black US citizen participant must ask the “is it I?” question of their own specific, historical role in the slave trade that brought them both together as one (E Pluribus Unum – “out of many, one”), for better or worse in the United States of America.


The image of slavery in America is one that depicts White and Black at some time in the past when the two to them were living together in peace and harmony.


However, on a fateful, nobody knows when, the White man chose to transform himself into a devil that brutally attacked and enslaved the innocent and unsuspecting Black man.


Since that time, it has been the Black man sacred mission to rise up in vengeance and seize control of his destiny by "overcoming" the slave master, capitalist, White man...hence "Black Power".


Such a scenario is the grand canard in the "new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal", which is about to destroy it, if there is not a clear understanding of this matter and the proper measures to rectify it is not taken.


It is the will of the King of the Judeo-Christian society of the United States that His subjects cease to falsely accuse each other of oppressive wrongs, as does Satan to the brethren; confess their faults and pray to God for, even forgiving each other, that we may be healed.


Blacks must admit before GOD and humanity that our ancestors of West Africa struck the initial “wound” of slavery and its’ subsequent illnesses resulting from being left un-healed; while Whites must simultaneously admit that theirs were in rebellion to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures willfully purchased themselves into the damning African institution...the "African Curse".


The present “one-way” racial conversation primarily focuses on the deeds of ancient Whites (Caucasian), Europeans, Americans, Jews and Christians in that they purchased "the curse" of the African slave-“wound” into their Western Worlds, which is factually true. 


Of such is the natural sense of remorse and certain guilt complexes.


However, one of the primary objectives of the HEAL America Campaign is to seek a balance discussion that is not a one way but rather “two-way”, by refocusing on the root causes of the Whites behavior, which is that slavery was already in existence prior to their participation into African-Arab Muslim slave trades, and the former foolishly bought themselves into it.


Therefore, as both peoples discard their mutual denials of racial complexes, White and Blacks in America can finally merge into the intended one conjoined human race as intended by the American Founding Fathers and the Republican architects of the Congressional Promissory Note.

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