T H E   M A R T I N   L U T H E R   K I N G, J R.   D R E A M   A C T    2 0 1 0


Renewal of The 1866 Civil Rights Act

As originally Intended

The 14th Amendment (+)

  1866 Civil Rights Act (+)


“I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” 


Promissory Note – That “Check” From The “Bank of Justice” Signed By The Bank President

Please view “I Have A Dream” Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. August 28,1963 (+)


Arizona Senator, The Hon. Russell Pierce advocates,

"Enforce the 14th Amendment as originally intended"


Introduction To Freedmen's Bureau I

·  The Freedmens Bureau For Refugees From The Civil War -

Please see MLK Freedmen's Bureau Refugees Status Bill (+)

* General Oliver Howard, one of the Congressional Architect of the 1866 Civil Rights Act says in 1864,

We must not treat them as stepchildren; there is too much danger in doing too much as in doing too little. For a time we need a freedmen's bureau, but not because these people are Negroes, only because they are men who have been, for generations, despoiled of their rights.”

The African Freedmen's Inquiry Commission Report (1864) States On Behalf of The Emancipated Slaves the following:
The Commission (Freedmens Bureau) is confirmed in the opinion that all aid given to these people should be regarded as a temporary necessity; that all supervision over them should be provisional only, and advisory in its character.  The sooner they shall stand alone and make their own unaided way, the better both for our race and for theirs. The essential is that we secure to them the means of making their own way; that is, that we give them, to use the familiar phrase, "a fair chance".

It is evident that from 1866 and beyond, Negroes emancipated from chattel slavery and Freemen have never had the “a fair chance” that was Constitutionally promised to them even though their roots are deeply embedded into the good soil of the American Dream quest since July 4,1776 when they were inherited from the British Empire into the jurisdiction of the United States o f America.

“Now is the time”, as the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. loudly proclaimed to fulfill “this sacred obligation”-to cash a check” – “a promissory note” at “the bank of justice”, “that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.”


This Constitutional Mandate in direct and stark contrast to the Hispanic/Latino-Mexican illegal alien Dream Act and any other comprehensive immigration reform antics being promoted by the socialist-Democratic Party driven La Raza movement.


Empowered Freedmens Bureau For The Relief of Freedmen and Refugees



By The Executive Power of the President of the United States,

The Commander In Chief of The National Armed Forces 1866 Civil Rights Act


Under direct authority of the Presidency, the Freedmen's Bureau would function out of the Pentagon with the accessibility and support of the Justice, the State and all other Cabinet Departments as needed, with Congressional and Supreme Court oversight.


In Constitutional authority by Presidential Order, the Freedmen's Bureau will work within the 10 Sections of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to investigate, lead to the arrest and prosecution of anyone and the dismantling of anything, which includes "under the color of any laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations or customs" of municipal, country, state or federal governments; destructive social, political, economic conditions and situations; religious, legal or illegal immigration movements; molestations by private individuals; that has, is and will do harm to the progress of the generations of Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees. Link to The 14th Amendment Section 2


The Freedmens Bureau summons to its aide the necessary human resources to discover initial, intermediate and generational solutions for Presidential approval followed by a swift timetable of implementation for planning to execution.


Presidential obedience to this Constitutional mandate will cause the immediate cessation of all aspects of so-called comprehensive immigration reform including the Dream Act and force the nation to seek solutions other than those derived from the Civil Rights Acts due specifically to American Black US citizens.  


Such is the essence of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Act (Bill) – The Promissory Note See "I Have A Dream" Speech (+)


"I Have A Dream" Speech (+)

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan (+)

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Introduction Freedmen's Bureau For Refugees I (+)

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