LifeSkills: Get Ready for Success

Looking Your Best!
Image Does Matter
Helping clients to build their confidence and give them tools they can use when seeking employment, appearing in court, meeting with potential landlords, attending business meetings and other activities, Lisa Monet provided a series of very successful "LifeSkills" workshops at the Dome Village which was geared toward helping clients prepare for such situations.

Some of the topics covered included:

Making a good impression with potential landlord or employers:
What to say...What to wear

Wardrobe consultations
Styles for men and women

Color analysis
What colors work best for you.

Make up and hair tips
Professional techniques and more.

Organizing your clothes and closet
How to make the most out of it.

Special activities for the young children at Dome Village.
Fun and self esteem building exercises

In addition to workshop lectures, slide shows and sample wardrobe and make-up exhibits for our clients, Lisa also spent time individually with each client in attendance and gave them individualized tips on their own personal style.

The workshops were not only very informative and full of great information for both women and men, but also were a lot of fun and very encouraging for all involved due to Lisa Monet’s warm and animated personality.  The clients at the Dome Village truly looked forward to Lisa’s monthly visits and often had done their “homework” and always appreciated Lisa’s constructive feedback and suggestions great deal.

Lisa Monet Agustsson has been a successful professional stylist and make-up artist for many years and has worked for Fox News Channel and many other high quality organizations.
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