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My plans and strategies are racially, ethnically, religously and social class transcendent.  Together, by GOD's blessings, we can do this NOW. 

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The Dome Village, a project of Justiceville USA, is a non-profit organization which offers a structural alternative for homeless people unable or even unwilling to live in traditional shelters or return to the "mainstream" life style.

We are continuing on with the Interim Plan, a component of the Justiceville/Homeless, USA Downtown Renaissance Plan.
We thank all those who have so generously helped us continue our objective. And we wish everyone peace, good blessings and love throughout the year .


After 13 years of operation, Dome Village successfully completed its mission.  When the Dome Village first became a reality, the surrounding land was an area of urban blight and decay. 


Now, in the midst of the Staples Center and high-rise lofts and the property value has increased 20 fold and our landlord raised our rent in excess of 700% and we could not afford it.

During the time that Dome Village was in operation hundreds of homeless people - singles and families were given a safe environment where they could thrive and rejoin society.  


For most of those who were displaced by the closure of Dome Village we were able to get emergency Section 8 vouchers and now most are in permanent housing. 

Presently Justiceville/Homeless, USA  (JHUSA) continues to meet with representatives from HUD and various entities in the public and private sectors and our proposal for future dome villages and a National Plan to End Homelessness are being discussed.

We thank all the wonderful people who have helped Dome Village over the years and if anyone out there knows of a property  where a new village could be established or if you have any other ideas please let us know. .. email to:
The domes themselves and the actual village arrangement is utilized as a stabilizing tool to provide basic, affordable, transitional housing which is non-threatening to the chronic homeless person nor to the local neighborhood. 

Dome Village has created a positive and innovative approach to housing homeless people and achieves  the goals of alleviating homelessness as it reduces urban blight and decay in our city.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Dome Village was founded by homeless activist Ted Hayes in 1993.

It has transformed an unsightly encampment site into a community of formerly homeless people who have become productive, industrious and responsible. 

The Dome Village is comprised of 20 Omni-Sphere domes which provide housing and supportive service for up to 34 individuals and family members. 

It is to be especially noted here that the Omni-Sphere dome was designed by Mr. Craig Chamberlain, a Vietnam Veteran; student and personal friend of the late Buckminster Fuller.

The Dome Village is often able to assist individuals who have shunned or been unsuccessful in traditional programs for the homeless offered elsewhere. 

While its true that a variety of programs for the homeless are available, most have fallen short of providing long-term impact on the problem, unable to meaningfully engage individuals in activities which can alter the course of chronic hard-core homelessness. 

The Dome Villages philosophy of self-governance, responsibility, productivity, volunteerism and respect for individuals and the community right where they are, allows avenues for homeless people to seek empowerment and make a break from the chronic cycle and psyche of homelessness.

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