The Dome Village sponsors programs with the following goals:

Engage the residents of Dome Village in productive, industrious and responsible activities right where they live.

Provide access to information and resources to assist client's transition out of homelessness.

Create jobs and incentives for village residents which can provide them with an opportunity to earn extra income, increase their self-esteem and work ethic, and to better their immediate community.

Teach the residents valuable skills and technologies they can utilize to help them return to mainstream society.  Skills may also be used to help residents manage, facilitate and improve the Dome Village and assist in the creation of future homeless communities. 

Develop micro-enterprises and generate income to help support the community, as well as provide residents with an opportunity to develop marketing, sales and leadership skills and improve their ability to work cooperatively, while assuming individual responsibilities.

Clean and beautify the local neighborhood by regularly removing trash, debris, weeds and graffiti from the surrounding area; improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of the area by creating a park-and-garden setting at Dome Village for residents, neighbors and other visitors to appreciate while at the same time  instilling a sense of appreciation for a clean and green environment

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Parent Training Classes

Health Education

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Success Strategies

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