A paycheck away from being homeless with no paychecks coming in and  being the owner of a small business is what happened to Michelle.  Also what lead her & her dog, D J through the gates of Dome Village.

Today, May 25th, 2006 Michelle will be leaving the gates she entered 9 months ago as Dome Villageís most recent success story.

10 months ago, Michelle was forced to close the doors of her small business.  A month later, she lost her home.  Speaking with Michelle upon her arrival to the Village, she shared how  the tragedy that hit our country.  9-11 made her business part of the statistics of the continued after-shocks that happened on that September morning in 2001.

Now, almost 11 months later, Michelle is ready to return to life full time outside the village.  This time, to the Big Apple!  New York City! 

She landed her job after only three months at the Village Ė itís taking career to avenues of which she had never dreamed.

She shared that the last few months of her business, she kept reminding herself that hard work has to pay off and held onto that Ė and now believes it does happen.

While speaking with Michelle while she packed, she said, ĎThis couldnít have happened at any other shelter.  My appreciation and gratitude for what Dome Village has given me is inexpressible!í

Founder, Ted Hayes, and staff continue to tell her that as long as she stays  focused on her career and stays true to her dreams Ė thatís all Dome Village wants for her.  Thatís what Dome Village is all about.  Her success is a coup for Dome Village.

In the beginning of her  9 months at the Village, she started a housecleaning business by running an ad on a local free website  so she could have money for groceries and dog food.  It was suggested to her on her arrival that she apply for emergency government financial assistance.  She said, ĎThatís against my better judgement.  I can and will work.í

Three months after sending out her resumes, she landed a job that she thought was impossible

With the help of the generous donations made to the Village and the help of the Executive Director, Katy Haber, Michelle was able to build a substantial business wardrobe. 

Michelle took advantage of the many classes offered at Dome Village.  A three part seminar with Lisa Monet, wardrobe and make-up stylist for the stars led her to say, ĎIím ready to catwalk down 5th Avenue in New York like all the modelsí
"Thank you Ted Hayes, Katy Haber, Graham Foster, Ronda Flanzbaum,  John,  Ed, Chester & my new Village family & friends for giving D J and I the Love, Support & Encouragement I needed to help me return to the real world again.  I still fake it some days, until Iím convinced I can make it.  Your support is what gets me through each day and in the future.

Thanks again, Dome Village, for helping me get my life back on track again and for helping me restore the hope I lost 10 months ago.  Iíll be back after I tell New York that Dome Village and itís concept works."
                                          ~ Michellle T.
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